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The Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive[1] is a form of propulsion technology used by the Covenant in their ground and air vehicles, such as the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle.


The Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive is an anti-gravity generation device that creates an electrically-charged anti-gravity field can be used to either lift an object off the ground or propel it. Most Covenant ground and air vehicles are propelled by this technology, allowing them to skim a short distance above the ground while activated. The drive emits a bright blue glow that emanates from the underside of the vehicle, accompanied by glowing particles and arcs of electricity.[note 1]

Some air vehicles like the Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft uses a modified gravity propulsion system to attain flight, and provide thrust using pods on the vehicles wings and rear section. Vehicles equipped with this drive also have the ability to divert power from other non-critical hardware to increase speed for either short, or infinite amounts of time. The boost feature of the gravity propulsion drive allows a vehicle to increase its maximum speed and cover large areas and can either allow a vehicle to serve as a rapid attack vehicle or to aid in fast bombing runs.


The propulsion drive allows a vehicle to hover slightly above the ground and can, dependent on the vehicles design, prevent the vehicle from flipping over. The drive also allows a vehicle to move seamlessly and can rotate 360 degrees with very little difficultly. It can also navigate terrains that UNSC vehicles may have trouble driving on, such as icy surfaces. With a boost drive attached, a vehicle using this device can travel at fast speeds and is able to cover a large area in a short amount of time.


The gravity propulsion drive is more difficult to control with heavier vehicles. Although it can still keep a vehicle well off the ground, the speed and maneuverability of heavy class vehicles is limited. Despite apparent simplicity and grace, vehicles that utilize the gravity propulsion drive requires a skilled driver to handle the vehicle properly. The pilot must also take terrain into account as uneven or broken terrain causes the vehicle to dip, rise or not allow the vehicle to hover or move effectively in these types of terrain.[2] Although the boost feature can propel vehicles at fast speeds, it does limit maneuverability and renders weapons system inoperable until the vehicle comes out of boost.


  1. Although the Covenant rely on anti-gravity technology to lift items like the shade turret and other equipment they are often believed to be using the gravity propulsion drive, this may be incorrect as items like the shade are not actually propelled but suspended in midair.


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