Torsion plate

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Torsion plates are a maneuver drive system employed almost ubiquitously aboard Forerunner starships. The plates convert harvested energy into a form of inertia-less thrust (presumably torsion fields), and are considered so simple and widely-applicable they are near-universally used across the Forerunner fleet. Other forms of propulsion are used, though they are generally used for extremely specific niche or aesthetic purposes.[1]

Supernal Spiral-class keyships such as Anodyne Spirit are equipped with torsion drivers,[2] as are more terrestrial (though still floating) structures such as skydocks. The accuracy and precision required of atmospheric maneuvering makes torsion plates practically a required feature for any atmospheric flight.[1]

The Wings of Malygus, the maneuver drives of Forerunner origin used to move the city-station High Charity around,[3] were likely torsion plates - owing to the city-station's construction around the remains of a derelict Fortress-class vessel.[4] The Covenant's own repulsor engines are considered a rudimentary step between standard fusion drives and fully-utilising torsion drives.[5]


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