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Several different types of Forerunner craft.
Forerunners and Ancient Humanity on Earth.

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Forerunner starships are ships used by the Forerunner species as a whole, including their Ecumene.[1]



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Ship designs were dynamic for the Forerunners. As such, classifications weren't based on incorporated systems or role, but rather on its formative nature within the era it was constructed.[2] The Forerunners grouped warships into orders of battle based on defensive and offensive capabilities. This manifested as numbered orders for ships.[2]

The Builders, Miners, and Lifeworkers all operated ships.[1] Builder Security[3] and the Warrior-Servants also operated numerous warships.[4]

Design and specifications[edit]

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A Forerunner crystal resonance chamber.

A special type of design seed is used to construct Forerunner ships, known as ship-seeds.[5]


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Human-Forerunner wars[edit]

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During the Human-Forerunner wars, Forerunner starships and Human starships fought one another. An example of this was during the Battle of Charum Hakkor.

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High Ecumene[edit]

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In the millennia preceding the outbreak of the Flood War, during the High Ecumene period, the Skirr-class battlecruisers and the Second-order fast frigates were put into service. Only decades before the war, Raptors were also put into service.[3]

Forerunner ships combining their fire.

Forerunner-Flood war[edit]

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Forerunner ships participated in the Forerunner-Flood war. Some of which became infected by the Flood.

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Keyships reseeding the galaxy.

After the Great Purification of 97,445 BCE, Keyships played a role in the Reintroduction of species to their homeworld.[6] One Keyship, the Anodyne Spirit, was hijacked by Mendicant Bias and would end up crash landing on the San'Shyuum homeworld of Janjur Qom.[7] This ship would be later seen as a religious artifact[8] to the species and would later become part of the Covenant's holy city of High Charity[9] along with a Fortress-class vessel from Tuluk'katho.[10]

Numerous other Forerunner ships ended up being buried, like one under the Babd Catha Ice Shelf on Reach,[11] one buried on Installation 05,[12] and one buried in an asteroid in the Marcey system.[13]

During the Created uprising, several Forerunner vessels were repurposed by the Created to help instill their rule. This included Acolyte-class harriers as well as at least one Fortress-class vessel.[14]



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Ships of type[edit]

Class Ship Name Notes
Fortress-class vessel Deep Reverence
Long Reverence

Other and unknown[edit]

Ships of the type[edit]

Class Ship Name Notes
Supernal Spiral-class keyship Anodyne Spirit
Council ship Seedling Star
Planet-breaker Unnamed ship
Exploration ship Audacity
Unknown Unnamed vessel (Babd Catha, Reach)
Unnamed vessel (Installation 05)
Unnamed Lifeworker vessel (Unknown moon)

Production notes[edit]

A pitched map for Halo 4, Genessis, was to feature a Keyship in its scenery.[15]



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