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A trio of Vindication-class light battleships

A battleship is a large armored capital ship with a main battery consisting of heavy-caliber guns. Battleships generally comprise some of the most powerful warships a navy can field.


Although their mass tends to be in the same tonnage range as carriers, battleships are designed primarily for traditional naval combat and rely on their heavy armaments instead of squadrons of fighters. During the height of power for seaborne battleships they were central to nations' force projection, and formed the cores of battle groups protected and screened by destroyer and cruiser escorts. They fell out of use as they became increasingly vulnerable to mines and torpedoes; they were ultimately replaced in combat doctrine by carriers.


The Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser was initially drafted by the UNSC Navy as a compromise between a battleship and heavy cruiser.[1] At some point prior to the Battle of Alpha Corvi II, the 1.6 kilometre-long Vindication-class light battleship entered service.[2]

The Covenant used two-kilometer-long battleships during the Human-Covenant War, particularly during the Fall of Reach.[3] A significant number was later amassed at the space station Unyielding Hierophant, though they were destroyed in Operation: FIRST STRIKE.[4] Several Vindication-class light battleships vessels engaged the Didact's flagship over Earth in support of the UNSC's own flagship, Infinity. Three Vindications later participated in the Requiem Campaign.[5][6]


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