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A trio of Vindication-class light battleships

A battleship is a type of ship utilized by several factions.



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Vindication-class light battleship H4-Vindication.png At some point prior to the Battle of Alpha Corvi II, the 1.6 kilometre-long Vindication-class light battleship entered service.[1] Several Vindication-class light battleships vessels engaged the Didact's flagship over Earth in support of the UNSC's own flagship, Infinity. Three Vindications later participated in the Requiem Campaign.[2][3]


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Rasus-pattern interdictor Heaven's Brilliant Bier, as depicted in HWG. The Covenant used two-kilometer-long battleships during the Human-Covenant War, particularly during the Fall of Reach.[4] A significant number was later amassed at the space station Unyielding Hierophant, though they were destroyed in Operation: FIRST STRIKE.[5]

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