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Halo: The Fall of Reach - The Animated Series screenshot
UNSC Atlas, a UNSC heavy carrier near the yellow dwarf star Lambda Serpentis.

Carrier is a capital warship classification used by the United Nations Space Command and Colonial Military Authority. They are used for transport and deployment of fighters and ground troops and command and control[1]


UNSC carriers range from light warships to among the largest ships in service. The smallest light carriers can be lower than a kilometer from stem to stern, smaller than a cruiser,[2] while the largest carriers are multiple kilometers long.[3][4] Most carriers are crewed by hundreds to thousands and can carry numerous space, air, and ground vehicles.[4][5] Befitting their role, their primary asset is a large number of space fighters or dropships.[5]


Despite their size, UNSC carriers depend on their fighter wings for offense, though the heavy carriers are often equipped with at least one Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. Carriers also mount numerous point-defense guns, such as the M910 Rampart point defense network used by the Epoch-class, as well as several nuclear missiles of various types.[1]



The Navy operates several carrier classes. In practice, they can be divided into two broad categories: supercarriers and smaller tactical carriers. Supercarriers are massive vessels which form the core of major expeditionary fleets as command ships, while smaller tactical carriers serve as the core of component battle groups and defensive fleets.[5][1]

Class Image Length Tonnage Source
Poseidon-class light carrier H4-Poseidon.png 719 meters (2,359 ft) 2.8 million tonnes [1][2]
Orion-class assault carrier Halo Fleet Battles - Orion-class carrier. 2,220 meters (7,300 ft) 40 million tonnes [1]
Epoch-class heavy carrier A render of the Epoch-class carrier modelled by Jared Harris for the fan mod Sins of the Prophets - used in the 2022 Halo Encyclopedia. 2,563 meters (8,409 ft) 35 million tonnes [1][5][6]
Phoenix-class support ship UNSC Spirit of Fire (CFV-88).png 2,500 meters (8,200 ft) 44 million tonnes [7]
Unidentified carrier UNSC Musashi being gutted by a Kewu-pattern battleship's flensing lance, in issue 3 of Fall of Reach: Invasion. 2,900 meters (1.8 mi) N/A [3][4]
Punic-class supercarrier A render of the Punic-class supercarrier modelled by Jared Harris for the fan mod Sins of the Prophets - used in the 2022 Halo Encyclopedia. 4,000 meters (13,123 ft) 670 million tonnes [1]
Infinity-class supercarrier H4-UNSCInfinity-Starship-Side.png 5,694 meters (18,682 ft) 970 million tonnes [1]

Maritime craft[edit]

The UNSC Army operates a number of ocean-based aircraft carriers, predominantly used on Inner Colony worlds such as Earth and Reach.[8]

Class Image Length Source
Crassus-class supercarrier UNSC Aircraft Carrier from Longshore 498 meters (1,633 ft) [8]

Ships of the line[edit]

Class Fleet or last known tactical grouping Ship Name Hull classification symbol Last known captain Notes
Epoch-class heavy carrier Unknown UNSC Epoch Lead ship
UNSC Atlas
Infinity-class supercarrier Expeditionary Strike Group 1 UNSC Infinity INF-101 Thomas Lasky Lead ship. Missing over Installation 07.
Unknown UNSC Eternity Not Completed
Orion-class assault carrier Unknown UNSC Fifth Winter
UNSC Orion Lead ship
Phoenix-class carrier Third Fleet UNSC Spirit of Fire CFV-88 James Cutter Active but officially listed as lost with all hands.
Poseidon-class light carrier Unknown UNSC Milwaukee
UNSC Poseidon Lead ship
Punic-class supercarrier Unknown UNSC Punic Lead ship
Epsilon Eridani Fleet UNSC Trafalgar Flagship of Epsilon Eridani Fleet. Destroyed over Reach
Unknown UNSC Home Fleet UNSC Stalingrad Carl Patterson
UNSC Witness
Third Fleet UNSC Totem Lake
Unknown UNSC All Under Heaven
UNSC Magellan
UNSC Musashi

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