Lambda Serpentis system

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Lambda Serpentis
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Stellar overview

Orbiting planets:

At least seven

Societal overview


Unified Earth Government (formerly)


The Lambda Serpentis system is a planetary system orbiting a star known colloquially as Jericho. Lambda Serpentis was formerly the location of at least one of the humanity's colonies, Jericho VII.[1]


In 2535, the Covenant invaded the system and attacked the human colony of Jericho VII. Even though the United Nations Space Command deployed Spartan-IIs to help defend Jericho VII, the human defenses were overwhelmed and the Covenant glassed the planet.[1]

Around September 2552, a massive fleet of Covenant warships was ordered to travel to the Lambda Serpentis system to collect tritium gas for their reactors in preparation to rendezvous with Unyielding Hierophant at the Hawking system before embarking on a mass slipspace jump to Earth in the Sol system.[2]


Halo: The Fall of Reach erroneously describes the system as having two reddish suns. This may indicate that the Jericho and Lambda Serpentis systems were not originally intended to be synonymous.[1]

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