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Jericho VII

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Jericho VII


Lambda Serpentis system[1]


Lambda Serpentis[1]

Orbital position:

Seventh planet[1]


Four, including Eremus[1]





Unified Earth Government[1]


Jericho VII was a lightly populated human colony world located in the Lambda Serpentis system, orbited by four silver-colored moons. Governed by the Unified Earth Government, the world contained a biosphere suitable for human life, characterized by vast green oceans and rolling plains of palm grass.[1]



Jericho VII had been known as the sole producer of Alt Burgundy, a fine alcoholic beverage.[2]


Notable residents[edit]



During the Insurrection, the Freedom League fought for independence against the Unified Earth Government and its military.[4] In 2525, Spartan-IIs were dispatched to Jericho VII to suppress the insurrectionists,[6] as was the 10th Shock Troops Battalion of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, who battled rebels on Jericho VII for over 131 days.[7] The Spartans effectively helped to quell rebellion on the planet, cutting through the leadership of the Freedom League.[4][8]

Battle of Jericho-VII[edit]

During the Human-Covenant War, Jericho VII was found and attacked by the Covenant as early as 2532.[9] The planet was glassed via orbital bombardment in the final stages of the Battle of Jericho VII in 2535. At the end of the battle, John-117 asked Captain de Blanc for permission to watch Jericho VII being glassed. A large number of orphans from this planet enlisted for the SPARTAN-III program, among them Owen-B096.[10] Five years following the planet's fall, UNSC forces returned to the planet in Operation: GUARDIAN LANCE and recovered several Covenant artifacts that would later be studied in SWORD Base on Reach.[11]


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