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Alt Burgundy was an alcoholic beverage that was brewed on the Unified Earth Government colony world of Jericho VII.[1]



Alt Burgundy was a alcoholic beverage that was brewed on the colony world of Jericho VII. After the colony fell in the Battle of Jericho VII, the drink was no longer made.[1]


Alt Burgundy was known not to be to everyone's taste, it causing a burning sensation down the throat,[2] and some coughing after drinking it. The drink was also known to have a tar-like scent.[1]


  • High-house Alt Burgundy 22[1]


Office of Naval Intelligence Colonel Herzog owned a bottle of "High-house Alt Burgundy 22", in late 2552 he shared this bottle with a lieutenant in honor to Jericho that fell and Sigma Octanus IV that did not.[1]

Rion Forge owned a bottle and kept it in the Ace of Spades drink cabinet. By 2557 she used it to toast potientially finding the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[2]

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