Freedom League

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Freedom League
General overview


Secessionist faction[1]


Bahito Noti[1]

Organizational overview


United Rebel Front[2]


Jericho VII[1]

Historical overview


March 2526; absorbed by the United Rebel Front[2]


The Freedom League was an insurrectionist group based on Jericho VII opposed to the Unified Earth Government. Bahito Noti was one of the Freedom League's leaders.[1]


During the Insurrection, the Freedom League fought for independence against the Unified Earth Government and its military.[1] In 2525, Spartan-IIs were dispatched to Jericho VII to quell the revolts of the Freedom League,[3] as was the 10th Battalion of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, who battled rebels on Jericho VII for over 131 days and assaulted a stronghold of the Freedom League.[4] The actions of the Spartans were highly effective and the Freedom League had been nearly wiped out a year later.[1] During their operations, the Spartans succeeded in eliminating much of the leadership of the Freedom League.[5]

On March 12, 2526, Bahito Noti of the Freedom League met with leaders of various rebel cells in the Grenadi sector to discuss the emerging Covenant threat. Noti discussed the threat the Spartan-IIs posed to the rebels and favored for making an alliance with the Covenant to destroy the supersoldiers.[1] Heavily weakened by the Spartan threat, the Freedom League joined their strength with the United Rebel Front.[2]

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