Scyllion Warehouse District riot

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Battle of the Rubble

Scyllion Warehouse District riot






Warehouse District, Scyllion, Charybdis IX


UNSC victory
  • Source of modified Covenant weapons discovered
  • Jason Kincaide killed

Captain Corinthia Hansen
Lieutenant Jacob Keyes
Major Faison

Jason Kincaide


"This wasn't a victory, it was a cluster --"
Jacob Keyes on the outcome of the riots, before being interrupted[2]

The Scyllion Warehouse District riot was a riot that took place in the warehouse district of Scyllion, the capital city of Charybdis IX, shortly before the arrival of the Covenant in the Battle of Charybdis IX.


The riots were caused by lack of food and supplies.[3] Charybdis IX had been a mining world, run by a corporation. The planet's capital city of Scyllion was established by the government for workers to live in. Every aspect of the workers' lives was controlled by the companies to ensure that the profits always went back to the companies; they bought food and supplies from company markets or lived and paid rent for company-provided habitats. Soon the pay was simply insufficient to make up for the workers' cost of living, leading to intense rioting.[4]

Scyllion had long been a city of political turmoil and Insurrectionists were a constant problem. In 2534, the Office of Naval Intelligence recommended for the UNSC to implement martial law in the city, but the UNSC was unable to do so, due to the escalating Human-Covenant War.[5] Fifteen ONI agents (disguised as workers), and a convoy of civilian Warthogs were sent to the planet to spy on the rioters, who were being incited by insurgent Jason Kincaide. They also carried mobile command centers disguised as trucks and trailers.[6] Originally, ONI was only spying on the rioters, but after they discovered that the rioters had gotten their hands on modified Covenant weapons, they decided it was time to take action against them. Major Akio Watanabe proposed a mission for the UNSC Midsummer Night to find and eliminate the source of the Covenant weaponry.[7]

The riot[edit]

Shortly after Jacob Keyes and Major Akio Watanabe were ferried to the planet by Jeffries, they were introduced to ONI agents Captain Corinthia Hansen, the leader of the operation, and Josh Smith, a surveillance agent. Hansen pretended to be supplying Jason Kincaide's weapons, in an attempt to discover where the weapons were being distributed, but escalating riots nearby forced ONI agents to capture Kincaide and two of his bodyguards.[8] The rioters quickly retaliated, firing RPGs at the ONI convoy of disguised command centers, resulting in the death of Smith and most of the ONI team. Kincaide escaped captivity and began to incite the mob.[9]

During the ambush, Hansen, Keyes, and Watanabe escaped the ONI mobile command center they were in. While the rioters searched for survivors, they engaged in small skirmishes against the rioters and retreated to a building. Along the way, the rioters captured one ONI operative and beat him to death.[10] They rode the elevator up to the roof of the building, where they tried to get evacuated by Jeffries. However, Jeffries was shot down by Insurrectionists with RPGs. They then requested Orbital Drop Shock Trooper support, which was scheduled to arrive within twenty minutes. At that point, Keyes, Hansen, and Watanabe were extremely short on ammunition at this point, with all of them being limited to about one magazine each.[11]

Soon, both sides only fired warning shots at each other and Kincaide began to arm the rioters with modified Covenant weapons.[12] While waiting for ODST support to arrive, the three decided to check on the rioters downstairs. While Hansen remained upstairs, Keyes and Watanabe sneaked down the stairs and moved in opposite directions. There, Kincaide and three rioters attacked the trio. Watanabe shot two of the men, but Kincaide thrust the final rioter into Watanabe, shooting them both multiple times with his modified Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle, fatally wounding the ONI officer.[13] In an act of revenge, Keyes wrestled control of the plasma rifle from Kincaide and shot him in the legs, then decapitating him with another shot. He then threw the man's corpse into a crowd of rioters below, and warned them to disperse and cease hostilities, or else they would be shot.[14]

After the death of Jason Kincaide, twenty ODSTs, led by Major Faison, arrived and broke up any remaining resistance. Two snipers, Magnus and Jeremy, were assigned to kill any rebels with RPGs who were still firing on Pelicans, which they accomplished. The remaining rioters, no match for ODSTs, retreated. Any remaining individual on the streets were Insurrectionists and were quickly eliminated by the ODSTs.[15]


Despite the relatively heavy losses that the UNSC took fighting the rioters, they discovered from Kincaide, during his brief captivity, the source of the modified Covenant weapons: a ship known as the Kestrel. Several Pelicans then arrived to pick up the ODSTS, Hansen, and Keyes.[2]

Carson, the pilot of the dropship Keyes and Hansen were on, informed them that Commander Dmitri Zheng detected a Covenant fleet arriving near Charybdis IX. While Keyes and Zheng were in favor of making a last stand alongside the three UNSC destroyers guarding the planet, Hansen revealed that she had a rank higher than both of them and ordered them to continue their search for the Kestrel. She ordered that they drop her off at an orbiting depot first, leaving her to certain doom at the hands of the Covenant fleet.[16] As the Midsummer Night left the Charybdis system, the Covenant attacked the planet and ultimately glassed its surface.[17]


Keyes would later remember killing Kincaide while he was being absorbed by a Flood Proto-Gravemind aboard the Truth and Reconciliation.[18]




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