Scyllion Warehouse District

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The Scyllion Warehouse District was located in the capital city, Scyllion, of the planet Charybdis IX. Used for the storage of resources used by a large mining corporation, the district was located along the banks of the river that flowed through Scyllion.[1]


In 2535, civilian unrest was escalating in Scyllion. In response, the Office of Naval Intelligence established a command post in the Scyllion Warehouse District to monitor civilian activities.[2] Insurrectionist Jason Kincaide often received shipments of smuggled human-modified Covenant weapons in the district, which he distributed to other rebels. While attempting to discover where the weapons were being distributed, the ONI operatives in the district were forced to capture Kincaide, due to increased riots nearby.[3] Soon, rioters were smashing open the warehouses in the district, looking for food and resources. RPG fire allowed Kincaide to escape and destroyed the ONI facility and convoy. Kincaide began to incite the rioters to kill all ONI operatives.[4]

Eventually, the rioters chased the surviving ONI agents through the district and onto the roof of a warehouse. A series of firefights occurred, leaving ultimately only two surviving UNSC personnel in the district and causing the death of Jason Kincaide.[5] Shortly after, Orbital Drop Shock Troopers arrived in the district and eliminated any surviving insurgents, causing the rioting to subside.[6]

This district, along with the rest of Charybdis IX, was glassed when the Covenant invaded the planet.[7]

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