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Charybdis IX

Notable events:

Battle of Charybdis IX
Scyllion Warehouse District riot

Governed by:

Unified Earth Government


Scyllion was the capital city of the human colony Charybdis IX.[1] The city consisted of numerous tightly clustered skyscrapers.[2] A long river intersected the city, lined with warehouses and concrete wharfs with large, docked container ships.[3] The city was home to the large Scyllion Warehouse District.[4]


Early history[edit]

The city was originally a corporate mining town, intentionally established and laid out to keep the money within the corporation. The mining corporation's workers would live in Scyllion and pay the corporation rent to live in an apartment run by a division of the corporation. Workers would shop at stores ran by the corporation and "travel on the company line".[2] Eventually, the mining company formed a monopoly on the city. Prices dramatically raised and the cost of living in the city exceeded the amount the company was paying them, causing most of Scyllion's residents to become in debt. The mining company even funded a puppet government on Charybdis IX.[3]


Main article: Scyllion Warehouse District riot

Soon, a rival mining corporation attempted to gain mining rights on the colony, but was forbidden by the puppet government. The new company funded Scyllion's dissatisfied residents to protest against the old company in 2525, leading to the police forces of the colony to shoot several protesters. Following the incident, Insurrectionists became more common on the planet. The corporations on the planet have been funding attempts to remove all assets from the city and back into the Inner Colonies. In 2534, the Office of Naval Intelligence agents working in Scyllion recommended for the UNSC to implement martial law on the city.[3]

By 2535, there were riots due to the shortage of food because of the large amounts of refugees. Piles of furniture and barrels were burned on the road to obstruct traffic and insurgent forces, led by Jason Kincaide, fuelled the rioters, claiming the UNSC was storing food and resources within the city.[5] Fifteen ONI agents were sent into the city to spy on the rioters. However it was decided that more drastic measures needed to be taken when ONI discovered that the rioters and rebels in Scyllion got a hold of three thousand modified Covenant weaponry. The UNSC Midsummer Night was sent to aid the ONI operatives in ending the riots at Scyllion.[6]

Upon arriving at Scyllion, several crew members of the Midsummer Night met with the ONI agents. However, the rebels began to attack with RPGs and destroyed the ONI mobile command center, killing several ONI agents in the process.[7] Surviving ONI operatives attempted to flee the city in a D77-TC Pelican, while engaging in firefights with insurgents along the way, but the Pelican was destroyed by rebel RPG fire.[4] Orbital Drop Shock Trooper support was requested and while awaiting the ODSTs, Kincaide and several of his men attacked the survivors. In the ensuing conflict, Kincaide was killed by Lieutenant Jacob Keyes.[8] Soon after, the ODSTs arrived and eliminated the surviving rebels and the rioters began to disperse.[9] In the aftermath of the riots, the Midsummer Night was sent to end the production of the modified Covenant weapons in the 23 Librae system.[10]


Main article: Battle of Charybdis IX

As the Midsummer Night was preparing to leave the system, a Covenant fleet exited slipspace nearby. The fleet destroyed the three UNSC destroyers protecting the planet and began to glass the surface of Charybdis IX.[11] A Covenant cruiser hovered over Scyllion and began to glass the city. Scyllion's skyscrapers melted and exploded, collapsing into bubbling, lava-like substances onto the roads, due to the intensive heats from the energy projectors. The city's river was vaporized, as small space fighters attempted to fight off the Covenant.[12] Insurrectionists in the city vainly attempted to fight off the Covenant by firing RPGs at the ships, but the rockets only bounced off the Covenant energy shields. Eventually, the entire city, along with the planet, was glassed.[13]


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