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Charybdis IX

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Charybdis system

Orbital position:

Ninth planet








Unified Earth Government


Charybdis IX was a human Outer Colony in the Charybdis system, governed by the Unified Earth Government.[1] The planet's capital city was Scyllion.[2]



Main article: Scyllion Warehouse District Riot

Scyllion was a mining town, run by corporations that controlled the civilians' food and other supplies.[3] The city had long been a city of political turmoil. Insurrectionists were a constant problem. In 2534, ONI recommended that the UNSC implement martial law, but the UNSC was unable to do so, due to the escalating Human-Covenant War.[4] The riots were led by Jason Kincaide. Although ONI originally just monitored the world, they decided action was required when they learned the rebels were using modified Covenant weapons.[5]

A joint ONI and UNSC Navy operation to the colony in 2535 was one of then-Lieutenant Jacob Keyes' first assignments. However, the insurgents discovered the location of ONI's command centers and attacked it with RPGs.[6] Keyes and the surviving ONI agents fled to a nearby building to be evacuated, while ODST support was arriving. Unfortunately, the evacuation Pelican was destroyed and ONI agent Akio Watanabe was killed by Kincaide. In retaliation, Keyes killed Kincaide, his first human kill.[7] Shortly after, the ODSTs landed and quickly eliminated most of the remaining insurgents, while the survivors retreated. Pelicans later arrived to pick up Keyes, the ODSTs and remaining ONI agents.[8]

He eventually recalled and lost this memory while being absorbed into the proto-Gravemind Flood entity.[9]

Battle of Charybdis IX[edit]

Main article: Battle of Charybdis IX

Moments after the riots, while the surviving UNSC personnel were being transported to the UNSC Midsummer Night, a Covenant fleet arrived in the system. The Covenant had discovered the planet after following tracking information on the modified weapons. The Midsummer Night fled the system, while three destroyers engaged Covenant ships. Two of the destroyers were immediately eliminated, but the UNSC Do You Feel Lucky? was disabled and boarded by Zealot Thel 'Vadamee in search of the already wiped navigation data.[10]

The remaining rebels vainly attempted to fight the Covenant. Charybdis IX was glassed, and its entire population was killed.[11]


The planet being referenced in Halo 3.

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