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Do You Feel Lucky?
Ship history
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Do You Feel Lucky?




Destroyed during the Battle of Charybdis IX, 2535[1]




UNSC Do You Feel Lucky? was a destroyer of unknown classification in the service of the UNSC Navy.[1]


Design details[edit]

Do You Feel Lucky?'s command centre was located at the front of the ship,[1] suggesting it is not a Halberd-class light destroyer - whose bridge is located on the dorsal surface of the vessel.

The ship has multiple engines.[1]

Service history[edit]

In 2535, Do You Feel Lucky? was a participant in the Battle of Charybdis IX, during which it was engaged by the Covenant starship, Retribution's Thunder and disabled. A boarding party of Sangheili and Unggoy troops led by Thel 'Vadamee was dispatched to storm the vessel and recover any potentially useful navigational data from the ship. However, the ship's crew were able to successfully enact the Cole Protocol and destroy the ship's computers - denying the Covenant forces anything useful. Upon sweeping the ship and determining it to not have anything of value, 'Vadamee's team retreated to their boarding craft and then ordered the destroyer's destruction. The ship was destroyed by a Plasma beam emitter fired from Retribution's Thunder.[1]


The ship was likely named for the 1971 crime thriller Dirty Harry, in which the protagonist of the film, Harry Calahan, threatens a thug with a .44 Magnum revolver. He informs the thug that he cannot recall if he fired 5 or 6 of the 6-shooter's bullets before cocking the weapon and asks the thug, "Do you feel lucky, punk?" Given the fact it was a destroyer, its heavy weapons and armor payload would have been befitting of the name.

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