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A Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyer firing one of its Aljordan-pattern plasma beam emitters at a Halcyon-class light cruiser during the Battle of Alpha Corvi II.

Plasma beam emitters are a a kind of plasma weapon used by the starships of Covenant and its remnants. They are in essence, scaled-down plasma lances serving as capital-grade, general-purpose, anti-starship weapons that can additionally be used in a role similar to that of excavation beams. In practice, they fire focused and continuous beams of controlled plasma at targets.[1]

While similar conceptually, plasma beam emitters should not be mistaken for plasma beam lasers; the latter serve on a similar operational principle but on a much smaller scale, working instead as point-defence weapons for their charges.[1]

For humanity, a broadly similar conceptual role is filled by larger naval autocannons such as the Breakwater and Spitfire.


Heavy plasma beam emitters[edit]

Felo-pattern heavy plasma beam emitter[Note 1]
Luxor-pattern heavy plasma beam emitter

Luxor-pattern heavy emitters have been in service on Covenant warships since the carriers introduced in the Third age of Discovery and Fourth Age of Conversion.[5]

Ukk'wa-pattern heavy plasma beam emitter

The Ukk'wa-pattern heavy emitter has been installed in arrays aboard the Sh'wada supercarrier since the Fourth Age of Conversion.[5]

Regular plasma beam emitters[edit]

Aljordan-pattern plasma beam emitter
Arkan-pattern plasma beam emitter
Corven-pattern plasma beam emitter
Enteros-pattern plasma beam emitter
Erex-pattern plasma beam emitter
Kor'o-pattern plasma beam emitter
Mixal-pattern plasma beam emitter
R'up-pattern plasma beam emitter



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