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This article is about the plasma mortars mounted on Covenant starships. For the ground-based plasma mortars, see Plasma mortar.
A Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette firing its plasma bombardment mortar during the Battle of SWORD Base. A Ru'swum-pattern Phantom and multiple Is'belox-pattern Banshees can be seen as well. From Halo: Reach campaign level ONI: Sword Base.
A Ceudar-pattern corvette using its Carnax Nu-pattern plasma bombardment mortars to besiege SWORD Base during the Battle of Sword Base.[1]

"Corvette over the starport pounded the hell out of the place."
— Sergeant Marcus Stacker, after a corvette bombarded the New Alexandria Starport[2]

The plasma bombardment mortar is a ship-to-surface plasma weapon system employed by the Covenant.[3] Bombardment mortars are a powerful orbital bombardment system capable of launching an indiscriminate and unrelenting barrage of plasma mortar shells down on an enemy territory and surface targets[4], such as infrastructure and infantry.[5] Within the Covenant fleet, the mortar gunners aboard destroyers were trained to obey their orders without question or mercy, even if those orders resulted in the incidental loss of faithful Covenant warriors in the target area.[3]

Known types[edit]

The Covenant maintained several plasma mortar design patterns.

Carnax Et-pattern plasma bombardment mortar
Carnax Nu-pattern plasma bombardment mortar
Fet-pattern plasma bombardment mortar

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