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Type-25 Shade
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The Type-25 Shade is a Covenant turret and one of the several emplacement models commonly identified as Shades.[1]

The model was first encountered and type-classified by the United Nations Space Command in 2525, during the Human-Covenant War. Analysts of the Office of Naval Intelligence believe that the heavy plasma cannon mounted on the Dextro Xur-pattern Spirit dropship is a slightly older variation of the weapon installed on the Type-25 Shade.[1]

Production notes[edit]

To date, the only reference ever provided for the Type-25 Shade is a single mention in an older (now-defunct) Halo Waypoint article about the Spirit dropship. In the article, the Spirit's main Murien-pattern heavy plasma cannon is likened to an older model of the Type-25 Shade, with a link to the Halo Waypoint article on the Shade turret, which itself makes no mention of a Type-25 model.

Given the similarity of the Spirit plasma cannon in Halo: Combat Evolved to the Mamua'uda-pattern (or, Type-29 Shade) featured in that game, it is likely that the mention of the Type-25 is simply a typo, with the Spirit Waypoint article intended to point to the Type-29 Shade as the plasma cannon's basis.


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