A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacement

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An A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacement on the map Snowbound.
An A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacement.

The A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacement is a stationary sensor device used to detect possible threats to assigned Covenant sectors.[1]


Design details[edit]

The body of the A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacement consists of camera-like hardware covered by magenta-colored cowling, held by three legs extended from a cylindrical base structure.[2]


A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacements are deployed at sectors of interest to detect individuals that do not transmit the proper authorization signals. When alerted, an alarm is activated and the sensors issue a signal to nearby defenses.[2] They are typically employed alongside Shuku-pattern sentry turrets to guard important outposts.[1]

Operational history[edit]

A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacements and Shuku-pattern turrets were deployed in a perimeter surrounding a Covenant outpost on Strilun IV.[2][1]


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