A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacement

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An A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacement.

The A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacement is a sensor equipment employed by the Covenant for the protecting sectors of interest.[1]


Design details[edit]

A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacements are deployed at sectors of interest to detect individuals that do not transmit the proper authorization signals, which are now impossible to acquire with the fall of High Charity.[1]


A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacements were once employed alongside Shuku-pattern sentry turret by the Covenant to guard important outposts. After the fall of the Covenant, many remained active.[1]

Operational history[edit]

A'uo'i-pattern sensor emplacements and Shuku-pattern turrets were deployed in a perimeter surrounding a Covenant outpost on Strilun IV.[2][1]


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