Plasma cannon (starship)

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This article is about the starship weapon. For other uses, see Plasma cannon.
Plasma cannon
Corvette plasma cannons.jpg
An Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette firing its plasma cannons
Production overview


Starship plasma weapon


Ammunition type:

Magnetically-contained superheated plasma


Plasma bolt guided by shaped magnetic fields

Service history

In service:


Plasma cannons are starship-mounted weapon systems used by the Covenant and its remnants.[1] Unlike plasma torpedo turrets, plasma cannons appear to be able to fire only in a straight line and are less powerful than plasma torpedoes. The bolts fired by plasma cannons are typically blue or blue-purple.[2] These cannons are most prominently mounted in arrays on a variety of Covenant warship classes, such as Ceudar-pattern heavy corvettes.[1][3][4] SDV-class corvettes use the cannons for both ship-to-ship combat and ground assaults, and feature manned control stations from which each cannon can be operated individually.[2][Note 1]

Known types[edit]

Plasma cannonsHeavy plasma cannons


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  1. ^ For an elaboration on the plasma cannons' relation to plasma torpedoes and the ambiguities in distinguishing between the two weapon systems, see Plasma torpedo#Terminology.