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This article is about the starship weapon. For other uses, see Plasma cannon.
The Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette Ardent Prayer firing its plasma cannons.

Plasma cannons are starship-mounted weapon systems used by the Covenant and its remnants. They serve aboard Covenant starships as a form of naval artillery, filling a role similar to the naval autocannons of humanity. They have rapid-fire capabilities, though in return fire their plasma bolts at at much slower velocities than other weapons as to conserve energy. In battle, they are fired in massed barrages to form suppressive screens, creating walls of fire.[1] There is some overlap between the heavy and ultra-heavy classifications of ground plasma cannon, with the Hesduron Chwich-pattern Saker artillery piece retrieved from the hulls of aging Vestige warships to bolster the ground forces of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.[2]

Plasma lances serve as a form of ultra-heavy plasma cannon, firing tightly-focused streams of high-velocity plasma at targets.[1] Unlike plasma torpedo turrets, plasma cannons appear to be able to fire only in a straight line and are less powerful than plasma torpedoes. The bolts fired by plasma cannons are typically blue or blue-purple.[Note 1]


Heavy plasma cannons[edit]

Melusean-pattern heavy plasma cannon

The Melusean is a widely-used pattern of heavy plasma cannon used across the Covenant fleet.

Plasma cannons[edit]

Gaff Naran-pattern plasma cannon
Morfen-pattern plasma cannon
Sey-pattern plasma cannon
Sono-pattern plasma cannon


Halo: Fleet Battles[edit]

In Halo: Fleet Battles, plasma cannons can be used aboard several Covenant ships. They generally have a range of 10/20" and Forward/Port/Starboard firing arcs. Ships that use plasma cannons include:


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