Egret Spaceliner

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Egret Spaceliner
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Production information


Dudyn Sky GmbH[1]


Civilian transport

Technical specifications


90.11 meters (295.63 ft)[1][2]


67.52 meters (221.53 ft)[2]


26.93 meters (88.35 ft) (gear up),
28.907 meters (94.84 ft) (gear down) [2]


473 metric tons (466 LT; 521 ST)[1]

Slipspace drive:

Likely [Note 1]




600 passengers[1][3]



Chronological and affiliation




This Edgret Spaceliner is a type of civilian transport aerospace ship.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Egret Spaceliner is a dual-purpose spacecraft that can accommodate 600 passengers, and requires 12 crew to operate.[1] On their undercarriage, they are capable of hauling up to five massive cargo containers. The cargo container has the following dimensions:

  • Length=5.37 meters (17.63 ft)
  • Width=12.0 meters (39.41 ft)
  • Height=6.53 meters (21.42 ft).[2]

The ship has VTOL capabilities.[3][4]

Service history[edit]

Civilian usage[edit]

As a civilian starliner, the Egret was the single-most common civilian transport found in the core worlds. During the Siege of the Inner Colonies, they were often shot down by Covenant forces while attempting to evacuate civilians from cities under attack.[1]

Attacks in the Epsilon Eridani system[edit]

In use during the Battle of Tribute and the Fall of Reach, at least five were used to evacuate both soldiers and civilians from New Alexandria during the Covenant invasion of Reach. During this evacuation, one of these ships was destroyed upon take-off from the New Alexandria Starport. The craft were under attack from Covenant ground forces and were close to being overrun, while an Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette over the starport prevented them from taking off. As the situation got desperate, SPARTAN-B312 fired a missile battery at the corvette, severely damaging it and forcing the corvette to retreat, just in time for the transports which were able to take off and get to safety.[3] Around this time, such craft were used to evacuate the populace of Casbah City, Tribute, another planet in the Epsilon Eridani system.[4]

Decommissioned ships[edit]

At some point prior to August 2552, several dozen of these transports were decommissioned in the Asźod ship breaking yards, like the frigates and cruisers seen near them.[5][6]


During the peace negotiations between the Sangheili and the Jiralhanae in 2558, the transport craft DS-004 served as a diplomatic shuttle for the ambassadors, transporting them to the surface of Ealen IV.[7]

Ships of the line[edit]


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  1. ^ It is likely that these craft are equipped with slipspace drives, in order to ferry the civilians aboard safely away from Tribute/Reach without having to use valuable military craft, as if they did not have slipspace drives equipped, they would unlikely be able to escape the system intact, as Covenant fleets were spread throughout the Epsilon Eridani system.


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