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Civilian vehicles were cars, starships, aircraft, or boats used by civilians and designed to perform in a non-military combat capacity. Civilian security forces use their own types of vehicles. Civilian companies like the Liang-Dortmund Corporation as well have their own fleet of vehicles, some of which were paramilitary vehicles.



Some types of cars on Earth were required by law to use Roadware.[1] Some types of automobiles also used gravity compensators.[2]

Automobiles on a number of planets used a mounted identification system. On Reach this is achieved through a barcode,[3] while those on Earth use letters and numbers.[4] Some automobiles on Tribute use a hybrid letter/number and barcode system.[5]

Civilian variants of military automobiles[edit]

  • Mongoose - Some variants of the Mongoose ULATV are popular on both the civilian market alongside the military variants.[6] These civilian versions are available with a variety of upgrade packages, including armored body panels, improved suspension systems, and alternate engines. The civilian version is not rated to carry Spartans without risking damage to the frame.[7]
  • Warthog - There are some civilian variants of the Warthog that are available.


  • Unnamed Arcadian bus - A type of six wheeled bus used on Arcadia.
  • Unnamed Mombasa buses


  • HC1500 - A four wheeled, single trailer truck manufactured by HuCiv.
  • Unnamed Arcadian truck - This type of truck can be seen in high numbers on Arcadia. A version of this truck is a two trailer road train. A news van and ambulance version also exist.[12]
  • Unnamed trucks


  • Genet - A HuCiv two door coupe used prominently in New Mombasa.[14]
  • MLX - A luxury two seat sports car.
  • GTO - A historic muscle car, manufactured by Pontiac.

Industrial vehicles[edit]

  • Forklift - A specialty vehicle designed to move large objects.
  • Cart - A type of small vehicle used to move cargo.

Other motorized vehicles[edit]



  • Maglev train - A type of train that is propelled by magnetic levitation.
  • Tram

Aquatic craft[edit]

Main article: Human marine craft


  • Abdel - A type of small boat with an outboard motor.
  • Dinghy - A dinghy is a semi-rigid, inflatable boat with an outboard motor.


  • Unnamed large vessel - A very large waterborne vessel, that is not propelled by traditional boat propellers.[15]
  • Cruise liner - A luxury cruise liner employed on Earth.[16]


  • Beta Gabriel submarine - A type of submarine used under the seas of Beta Gabriel.

Covenant civilian vehicles[edit]


Civilian vehicles generally appear as scenery objects in Campaign and Multiplayer of various Halo games. In Halo: Spartan Strike, it is noted that when Grizzly tank or Wraith Tank runs over an intact vehicle, the armor will suffer minuscule damage. Destroying the vehicle before running it over is recommended to maintain a high score.


In Halo: Reach, a number of civilian vehicles are actually drivable. This includes the Cart, the S-2 Traxus Cargo Transporter, the Spade, and the HC1500. None of them have weapons and are quite easily destroyed. However the Spade actually allows Jorge-052 to stand on the rear platform and mount his chaingun to the roof.

In Halo 2: Anniversary's multiplayer, the Hog is a drivable vehicle.


Main article: Forge

A number of civilian vehicles appear as Forge objects. In Halo 3, two vehicles appear as placable scenery items. In Halo 5: Guardians, three vehicles are forge objects; the Fossa, the Dewmax, and an unnamed truck.

The version of Halo: Reach in Halo: The Master Chief Collection added several civilian vehicles to Forge.

Production notes[edit]

During the production of Halo: Chronicles, several civilian Corporate starship designs were sketched.[18][Note 1]



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