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"The (M274) is definitely the most Buddhist land-based motive system in the UNSC’s arsenal… I’ll just let that sit with you for a while."
— Unnamed E2-BAG/1/7 serviceman.[1]

The Mongoose is the name given to a series of ultra-light all-terrain utility vehicles employed by several human organisations. It is popular in both the Civilian market and within the United Nations Space Command.[2] The Mongoose is produced by AMG Transport Dynamics and has been in service since 2483. Both the civilian and military versions are available with a variety of upgrade packages, including armored body panels, improved suspension systems, and alternate engines. The civilian version is not rated to carry Spartans without risking damage to the frame.[3]


The Mongoose provides an alternate means of transporting messages, documents, and light cargo between units. It may also be used to transport forward observers, reconnaissance personnel and sniper teams. Its proven versatility has made it a vital asset to field commanders when used as an alternate means of communication.[1] The Mongoose seats one driver and sports a rear cargo rack which can carry weapons, equipment and, if the stirrup tracks are engaged, a passenger. In this configuration, the passenger can fire a weapon from the rear of the M274, effectively arming the vehicle. Field observations have indicated that when two Spartans are operating a Mongoose in this way, it becomes truly formidable, eclipsing its role of basic transportation and becoming something more akin to a force application vehicle.[4]


M270 Mongoose[edit]

The M270 Mongoose was an early model of Mongoose employed by the UNSC. It served as the organisation's mainstay utility quadbike, until it was replaced by its successor, the M274. It also spawned several civilian variants.[5]

R270 Mongoose[edit]

The R270 Mongoose was a civilian version of the M270 Mongoose, which was specifically targeted at motorsports. Having been homologated for use in motorsporting events, it earned widespread success in several colonial rallies.[5]

M274 Mongoose[edit]

The M274 Mongoose is the primary model of Mongoose employed by the UNSC. It was employed notably during the Battle of Mombasa[6] and the later Battle of Voi[7] and Battle of Installation 00.[8]

M274R Mongoose[edit]

The M274R Mongoose is another variant of the Mongoose platform, seemingly more widely employed than the M274. It was used by UNSC Army forces during the Fall of Reach[9]. By 2557 it was still in service, seeing use in the Battle of Requiem[10] and the later Requiem Campaign.[11]

M274-M Gungoose[edit]

The M274-M Gungoose is a weaponised variant of the M274R, including two M67 light anti-infantry weapons for the driver to control.[3]

M290 Mongoose[edit]

The M290 Mongoose, also referred to as the "Mothergoose" due to its size, is another variant of Mongoose employed by 2558.[3]

M290-M Gungoose[edit]

The M290-M Gungoose is the M290's weaponised platform, armed with twin grenade launchers.

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

Main article: Silver Timeline

Mongooses are used by humanity for transportation.[12]

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