EM-120 auger

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The EM-120 Auger is a piece of heavy mining machinery utilised by humanity, and presumably a predecessor to JOTUN Heavy Industries' EM-240 Neides model. They are used by the BXR Mining Corporation for deep space mining operations on airless bodies such as asteroids.[1]

The EM-120 is considered by its operators to be "a miner's best friend"; strong enough to break through sections of rocky, hardened crust and also delicate enough to make precise cuts in and around volatile or valuable material.[1]

In 2556, several EM-120s were in use by BXR at Site 22 near the asteroid LV-31 when the operation uncovered the hull of a Forerunner starship buried under the rock. All augers within half a kilometre of the find were shut down while IMC hazmat corps teams were dispatched to investigate, though the others remained online. Ultimately, all were destroyed by the nuclear weapons bombardment fired from UNSC Saturn, following the release of the Flood interred within the asteroid.[1]

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