BXR Mining Corporation

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BXR Mining Corporation
A BXR Mining Corporation logo on Unearthed.

BXR Mining Corporation miners trapped after a cave-in. From Lightbringers.
A group of BXR miners during the Human-Covenant War.

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BXR Mining Corporation is a human corporation that hosts mining operations on several human colonies.[1][2]



The company had facilities in the following cities and locations:

Planet Location Facility Name/Facility Role
Reach Szurdok Ridge Szurdok Ridge BXR facility[3]
Viery Territory Unidentified titanium mine[4]
Bliss Manikata (Site #1744)[2]


BXR Mining Corporation miners during a cave-in. From Lightbringers.
BXR miners during a cave-in caused by Covenant bombardment.

Human-Covenant War[edit]

Circa March 9, 2552, the Covenant attacked a BXR Mining Corporation facility on a human colony. A group of miners volunteered to extract a haul of exotic ore that would be used in the creation of the Spartan-IIs MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. While they successfully retrieved and delivered the ore, the Covenant bombardment caused a cave-in that blocked their escape. Trapped, one of the miners began singing. The other miners joined in before the cave ultimately collapsed on top of them.[7]

BXR had several facilities on the colony world of Reach, with at least one dedicated to the mining of titanium ore.[8] During the Covenant's invasion of Reach in August 2552, one of the corporation's mining facilities on the Szurdok Ridge at Ütközet was made into a stronghold by Covenant forces.[3]


By 2556, BXR had entered into a partnership with Imbrium Machine Complex to mine asteroid-based resources in the Marcey system.[9] BXR was under "active investigation" by ONI after the Sedra terrorist attack in the same year.[10]

After the Human-Covenant War, BXR was actively involved in mining silicate glass from former colonies destroyed by the Covenant, including Site #1774 on Bliss, which was visited by Benjamin Giraud.[2]


BXR employs numerous pieces of equipment to fulfill their services.


  • The abbreviation is a reference to the Button combo "BXR" which could be used to ensure an instant kill in Halo 2.
  • Some civilians in New Alexandria wear shirts that bear the BXR logo.
  • One variation of the BXR logo is that of three colored squares, a blue square on the left, a yellow square on top, and a red square to the right, representing the X, Y, and B buttons, respectively, on a standard Xbox 360 control pad, another obvious reference to the button combination.
  • The shape of the logo seems to be a reference to the chemical safety sign (NFPA 704) that is seen on containers of hazardous materials, as it is a group of four side-ways squares inside another, larger square, the exception being that the BXR logo only has three small squares in a larger one.


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