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Marcey is a star system in the Milky Way galaxy. It is home to a gas giant and its system of orbiting natural satellites, including the asteroids LV-31 and Site 22 - the former of which home to an outpost colony of humanity.[1]


Planetary system[edit]

  • One unnamed, nondescript gas giant[1]
    • LV-31 - an asteroid in the gas giant's orbit[1]
      • Elvie - so-named due to the pronunciation of "LV", Elvie is a colony town built into the surface of the asteroid[1]


Ancient history[edit]

During the Forerunner-Flood war, a Forerunner starship (or similar artefact) was infected with the Flood parasite, and ended up buried inside the asteroid Site 22. Following the firing of the Halo Array, the Flood inside the ship were able to survive, dormant and unable to escape.[1]

Modern era[edit]

In the modern era, the Marcey system has become one of the many explored and colonised by humanity. The system's unnamed and nondescript gas giant hosts the asteroid LV-31 in its orbit, which itself is the site of Elvie - a sprawling habitat network funded by the Imbrium Machine Complex and BXR Mining Corporation. Overall, the system has become one of the key resource suppliers for shipyards working to rebuild the UNSC Navy's Home Fleet in the wake of its destruction in the first and second battles of Earth in 2552 and 2555, respectively.[1]

In 2556, IMC miners uncovered the buried Forerunner spacecraft at Site 22, leading to the exploratory team being infected with the Flood hidden inside the craft and a large outbreak unfolding. The site was ultimately destroyed by nuclear weapons bombardment by UNSC Saturn, a Paris-class heavy frigate on-station to respond to the team's loss of contact.[1]

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