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A human-Sangheili force encountering chaefka during Operation: FAR STORM.

26th century

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2555 was a year in the 2550s in the 26th century.



January 14

  • 000 Tragic Solitude questions about the Forerunners' choice of the humans being their successors, and the galaxy repeating the same cycle over and over again, deciding to return the Installation 00 to its former glory, whatever the cost to the other races of the galaxy.[1]


March 8

  • At 0900 hours, Dr. Luther Mann discovers a timer on Installation 07 evidently counting down to the Halo's activation in five weeks. Similar countdowns are reported on the other intact Halos. It is deduced that the activation could only have been triggered from Installation 00.[2]

March 17

  • In response to the activation timer on Installation 07 being activated,[2] Operation: FAR STORM begins with a joint human-Sangheili force is sent to the Ark on a covert operation to stop the activation sequence.[3]

March 20

  • Operation: FAR STORM is completed with the deactivation of Halo's priming sequence and the destructon of 000 Tragic Solitude.[4]


May 6

  • The Office of Naval Intelligence discovers about Atriox's origins after interrogating a Sangheili prisoner.[5]


Unknown date

Unknown date[edit]

  • Late in the year an automated UNSC scout vehicle, Recon-14, begins transmitting from Alpha Shard, piquing the interests of the Office of Naval Intelligence. The probe continues to document the surface of the ring's fragment, reporting all noted anomalies to ONI. These transmissions are analyzed by several ONI specialists, including Doctor Madeline Tress.[14] Recon-14 detects a group of Thanolekgolo eels below the shard's surface. When the probe ventures to investigate the eels, the abnormally aggressive Lekgolo attack it. The heavily damaged Recon-14 succeeds in transmitting its final recordings to ONI before being destroyed by the Thanolekgolo.[15]
  • ONI stops manufacturing the Z-4190 bubble shield, refocusing its shield research efforts towards Mjolnir-compatible emitters.[16]