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This article is about the survey probe. For the Halo: Nightfall Second Story, see Halo: Nightfall: RECON-14.
Recon-14 exploring and scanning a valley

Recon-14 was an Office of Naval Intelligence automated survey probe attached to UNSC Pillar of Autumn.[1]


When Pillar of Autumn fled from the Fall of Reach on September 19, 2552, the ship exited slipstream space in the Soell system over Installation 04. Pursued by the Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice, Pillar of Autumn plotted a course to crash land on the ring. Five hundred kilometers away from the crash-site, Recon-14 was deployed by the Autumn to survey the installation. The probe scanned the surface of Installation 04 and documented its artificial gravity, atmosphere, and environment.[1]

When the fusion reactor of the Pillar of Autumn were destabilized by John-117, the installation was largely destroyed. However, a surviving fragment of Installation 04 survived with Recon-14 aboard, intact, when the shard managed to enter slipspace before the explosion, following the ring's self-preservation protocol. The shard exited slipspace in the vicinity of a red giant star and became caught in its orbit. In 2555, Recon-14 began transmitting from the shard, piquing the interests of ONI. The probe continued to document the surface of the ring's fragment, reporting all noted anomalies to ONI. These transmissions were analyzed by several ONI specialists, including Doctor Madeline Tress.[2] Recon-14 detected a group of Lekgolo eels below the shard's surface. When the probe ventured to investigate the eels, the abnormally aggressive Lekgolo attacked it. The heavily damaged Recon-14 succeeded in transmitting its final recordings to ONI before being destroyed by the Lekgolo.[1]


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