Halo: Nightfall: Seed of Honor

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ONI operatives relaxing at a firing range

Seed of Honor is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 4: Gods of the Damned. It features members of an Office of Naval Intelligence unit discussing Jameson Locke's past and their loyalty to him, while in a firing range in a Misriah Armory facility on Mars.[1]

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Before their mission to Sedra, ONI agents Gregory Aio Ramos and Alastair Bov Estrin debate both the nature of Jameson Locke, and the loyalty shown to him by fellow agent Michael Horrigan.



Open to a panning view of Eos Chasma on Mars. Cut to the inside of a Misriah Armory facility.


Michael Horrigan loads a weapon. Cut to him aiming down the sights with an M395 DMR on a target range.

  • Female announcer (PA system): "250 meters from target."

An alarm blares and then beeps nearby as Horrigan prepares to fire, while Gregory Ramos and Alistair Estrin stand nearby. Horrigan fires at a target board.

  • Alistair Estrin: "You know, combat wounds aren't life-threatening. Death results from panic."
  • Gregory Ramos: (laughing) "Yeah, we've all done basic, Estrin. I got one for ya. It takes 52 muscles to frown, but only eight to smile."
  • Alistair Estrin: "That's not directed at me, is it?"

The alarm blares and beeps again, as Horrigan fires a second time.

  • Female announcer (PA system): "Resetting course."
  • Gregory Ramos: "Oh, here we go."

Indistinct announcements are heard, as the group watches through a window as an ONI officer, gesturing towards his data pad, speak to Jameson Locke outside of the firing range.

  • Gregory Ramos: "They're confirming Sedra."
  • Michael Horrigan: "It'll be another wild-goose chase."

Horrigan returns to aiming down the sight with his DMR.

  • Gregory Ramos: "You know, Command needs to recognize that the ONI Eyes files have been completely hit-and-miss."
  • Alistair Estrin: "Remind me again why they call it intelligence."

The alarm blares and beeps again, as Horrigan fires a third time.

  • Michael Horrigan: "He treats every mission the same. No questions asked."
  • Gregory Ramos: "And other than that, we're sixteen missions in and the man is still a mystery to me. Why are you guys so tight?"
  • Alistair Estrin: (chuckling) "Yeah, it's not like you're related."
  • Michael Horrigan: (chuckling) "Well, how do you know."
  • Alistair Estrin: "Come on, man. We've all heard the stories."
  • Michael Horrigan: "Whatever experiences he had, it's given him an ability to do his job."

Estrin and Ramos begin to laugh.

  • Gregory Ramos: "Look, man, we get it. You're loyal. But we've put our lives in that man's hands, too. So give us something."

Horrigan puts his gun down.

  • Michael Horrigan: "What I will tell you, he's not the man he was before ONI. He doesn't panic. And he's always got your back."

The alarm blares and beeps again, as Horrigan suddenly turns around and fires an M6H magnum towards the target board.



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