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Gregory Ramos
Gregory Ramos at a Misriah Munitions Training Range in Eos Chasma, Mars. From Halo: Nightfall: Seed of Honor.
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February 2556

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ONI Section III[2]


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Warrant Officer Gregory Aio Ramos was an Office of Naval Intelligence agent who served under ONI's Section III.[2] He served as the medic for a unit under the command of Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke.


Early life and career[edit]

Gregory Aio Ramos was born in Olympus Highlands on Mars in 2529. Through his late teens to early twenties he had difficulty staying in jobs due to his self-centered attitude. This changed, however, after he married and started a family. He also enlisted in the UNSC military, specifically the Office of Naval Intelligence; while the assignments were more dangerous Ramos felt ONI provided him the best opportunity for advancement in the long term as well as the ability to see his family often.[1]

Sedra and Alpha Shard[edit]

Main article: Mission to Alpha Shard

On February 7, 2556, Ramos and his unit was deployed to the Outer Colony of Sedra to investigate local terrorist activity; however, they were unable to stop a Sangheili Zealot from unleashing a bioweapon which specifically targeted humans in Sedra City. After many of the colony's citizens as well as two ONI agents were affected by the bioagent, the team was forced to cooperate with the Sedran Colonial Guard on an expedition to destroy the bioweapon's point of origin on Alpha Shard, a fragment of Installation 04 orbiting a nearby red giant.[3]

Upon arrival at Alpha Shard, Ramos and the rest of the group captured two smugglers—Haisal Wari and Arris Le—and prepared to evacuate via their D81-LRT Condor dropship. However, a Lekgolo swarm attacked and took out the dropship, leaving the group stranded.[4] While this meant that only two individuals would make it off the Halo fragment as the smugglers' Bactrian-class freighter only had room for two, the group still decided to continue the mission and moved out toward the Condor's crash site.[5]

Due to the shard's thin atmosphere, the group stopped to have a brief refill on oxygen. Continuing their trek, Sergeant Samantha Wisner dropped her breather and fell behind in an attempt to retrieve it; however, the device became activated as it tumbled down a hill. As Ramos came to check on Wisner, he found her in the process of being devoured by Lekgolo worms, screaming and desperately reaching out for him for help. Ramos attempted to pull Wisner to safety but one of the worms bit him in the arm, causing him to lose his grip and leaving Wisner to be consumed. Locke soon arrived on the scene and he and Ramos managed to return to the rest of the group, but the incident shook Ramos severely.[5]

Ramos makes his last stand

Following Wisner's death, Ramos became increasingly panicked and desperate. Risking detection by the Lekgolo, he began playing recordings of his children on his TACPAD. Alistair Estrin forcibly took the device from him and threw it away, urging them to continue on. While crossing a narrow cliff, Ramos desperately attempted to convince Estrin to conspire with him to abandon the mission and return to the smugglers' tug. During the exchange, Estrin tripped off the ledge and begged Ramos to help him. However, Ramos instead let Estrin fall to his death. Upon reaching the floor of the canyon where the Condor had crashed, Michael Horrigan mutinied against Aiken and Locke, holding both at gunpoint with the intent of returning to the smugglers' tug. Ramos allied with Horrigan, training his M395 DMR on Locke and forcing him to yield. Ramos and Horrigan then took the smuggler Arris hostage and moved out to return to the freighter.[6] When the question of which one of the two ONI agents would be left behind came up, Horrigan told Ramos that Arris was only needed to activate the tug's autopilot via biometric scan, meaning that they could discard the smuggler once this was done. On the way, however, Arris managed to cut his binds and escape.[7]

As Ramos and Horrigan were pursuing the smuggler, with a Lekgolo swarm after them, Horrigan betrayed Ramos, activating the electronics in his backpack and breaking his leg to attract the Lekgolo to him. At first defiant to stand his ground, Ramos quickly saw the futility of this and lowered his weapon in resignation before he was consumed by the Lekgolo.[7]

Personality and traits[edit]

Earlier in his life, Ramos held a selfish attitude and believed he only needed to look out for himself. His marriage changed his outlook on life and he enlisted in the military as it provided more structure for his life as well as guaranteed security. In the long term, his goal was to attain a stable post where he can be with his family.[1] He would often watch recordings of his children on his TACPAD during missions.[4]

Production notes[edit]

Gregory Aio Ramos is portrayed by actor Christian Contreras in Halo: Nightfall.[8]


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