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Haisal Wari
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Haisal Wari was an Alerian smuggler and an accomplice of Arris Le.[1]


Like most Alerian colonists, Haisal Wari lived in crippling poverty due to the drought that plagued the colony.[2] He grew up in the mining trade which served as the primary livelihood for most of the colonists. When the Alerian mining union Mols'Desias collapsed in 2554, Haisal found himself out of work which eventually led to him joining various "courier guilds" to assists in irregular smuggling runs. During his time as a smuggler, Haisal met Arris Le, who convinced him to join him on a planned series of clandestine smuggling runs far off-world.[1] Before the mission, the two purchased horses for transport, one for each; this was a significant investment for Wari, but Le told him the payment their received in the end would cover the costs. In the event he did not make it, Arris also asked Haisal to return his Bactrian-class freighter to their employer to clear his substantial debt.[2]

One of their smuggling missions took Haisal and Arris Le to Alpha Shard, a surviving fragment of Installation 04. They were to mine a native element that would ultimately end up at the hands of terrorists who used it to create a bioweapon. Because of the presence of aggressive Lekgolo swarms on Alpha Shard, the smugglers avoided the use of advanced technology and relied on their horses. In response to a terrorist attack on Sedra, a joint ONI-Sedran Colonial Guard unit traveled to Alpha Shard to capture the smugglers. The soldiers discovered Haisal and Arris in the process of mining the element in a cave and quickly seized and bound them. However, they became stranded after their Condor dropship was brought down by the Lekgolo. The smugglers survived the initial attack and were released from their binds as the group continued their trek onward. Wari was vocal with his dislike of their captors and openly scorned their reliance on their technology.[3]

After the group was attacked by the Lekgolo for the second time, Haisal was devoured by the worms when Michael Horrigan pushed him down a hill to allow the rest of the group to escape.[4]

Production notes[edit]

Haisal Wari is portrayed in Halo: Nightfall by actor Eric Kofi-Abrefa.

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