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Mols'Desias was a mining union on the human Outer Colony of Aleria.[1][note 1][note 2]


The Mols'Desias mining union was founded by Esil Boesis, a mineral miner who wished to use the union to ensure stability and bargaining power for its members. Over a dozen of Aleria's fragmented private mining groups became unified by Boesis, who hoped to keep long-term security for the profession.[1][2] With the aid of the mining union, Aleria was able to establish itself as a powerhouse in the Unified Earth Government's colonial trade. The union provided raw materials mined from the planet in exchange for food, electronics, and spacecraft.[3] Years later, Boesis' grandson Tarek Boesis headed the union. He was later murdered by smugglers of the Blackdust courier guild. Blackdust reasoned that the murder was justified, as they believed that Mols'Desias monopolized the job market and forced workers to work unreasonable hours, as the union allegedly took advantage of Aleria's failing economy and limited job market.[1][2]

At some point in 2554, the mining union collapsed, forcing many colonists into substantial debt and unemployment. The union's collapse, as well as a hundred-year long drought, caused many colonists including Haisal Wari and Arris Le to become involved in smuggling with various Alerian courier guilds.[4][5]

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  1. ^ Halo: Nightfall states that the mining union was founded in 2349. However, human colonization outside the Sol system did not begin until 2362, a full 13 years later. Given this, Aleria could not have existed any earlier than 2362 when the Odyssey was launched. Therefore it must be assumed that the year of the union's founding is an error.
  2. ^ Yet the CMA and CAA is canonically stated to have been formed in 2310 and it makes rather little sense to form a military and government for something fifty years before it supposedly exists. This period of history is poorly document and ambiguous in canon, it's not clear this date should actually be considered an error.