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Arris Le
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February 2556

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Shot by Michael Horrigan

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Independent courier guild[1]


Arris Le was an Alerian smuggler and an accomplice of Haisal Wari.[1]


Early life[edit]

From a young age, Arris realized that career in mining trade—the primary livelihood for most Alerian colonists—would likely amount to a dead end. Because of this, he sought work with several Alerian "courier guilds", risking life as a smuggler in the hope of larger pay-offs in order to pay the substantial debt faced by his family; over time he would grow accustomed using this goal to justify his illegal activities. After Aleria's primary mining union Mols'Desias collapsed, Arris would often serve as a recruiter for his employers, convincing desperate colonists to partake in dangerous and often highly illegal smuggling runs with promises of compensation that outweighed the risks.[1]

Alpha Shard[edit]

During his time as a smuggler, Arris met Haisal Wari and convinced him to take part in a planned series of clandestine off-world smuggling runs.[2] A fateful smuggling mission would take them to Alpha Shard, a fragment of Installation 04 orbiting a red giant, where Arris and Haisal Wari were to extract an element that only existed on the fragment. Because of a number of Lekgolo colonies present on Alpha Shard that were sensitive to active technology, the two smugglers avoided technological equipment, for example using horses to transport the element from the mining site to their ship, a Bactrian-class freighter. Whether knowingly or not, the cargo of a group of smugglers before Arris and Haisal had ended up at the hands of terrorists who refined it to create a bioweapon they then unleashed on Sedra City. The Office of Naval Intelligence began investigating the attack and was able to trace the arrival of Arris' tug on Alpha Shard.[3]

Subsequently, a joint ONI-Sedran Colonial Guard detachment traveled to Alpha Shard to capture whoever was mining the element. Arris and Haisal were in the process of mining the element in a cave when the soldiers found them. Upon being alerted to their presence, Arris urged the soldiers to lay down their weapons and attempted to escape with Haisal, but the two were quickly apprehended by the ONI operators. Arris attempted to warn their captors of the Lekgolo threat but was gagged before he could do so. While the soldiers were taking the smugglers to their Condor dropship, the Lekgolo attacked in large swarms and brought the ship down. The group escaped the aliens to a crevice where Arris managed to struggle free of the duct tape covering his mouth to warn the rest about the Lekgolo's sensitivity to technology and their ability to track movement. Following his advice, the soldiers powered down their equipment and remained still, prompting the Lekgolo to leave.[4]

It was soon realized that with the Condor crashed, the smugglers' two-seated freighter would be their only means of escaping Alpha Shard. While this meant some of the group would have to be left behind, Lieutenant Commander Locke maintained that the smugglers would get to draw straws along with everyone else.[5] After the group came under attack by the Lekgolo, Michael Horrigan threw Haisal to the worms to buy them time to escape. This greatly distressed Arris; he attempted to strike at Horrigan but was quickly stopped and bound by Alistair Estrin.[6] Later on, Horrigan and Gregory Ramos turned on the others in order to save themselves,[7] taking the captive Arris with them in order to use him to activate the biometric scanner to enable the autopilot on the tug. However, Arris managed to cut his binds using his laser cutter and escaped his captors. He successfully made it to the freighter and scanned his biometrics to bring the craft online. Before he could take flight, however, Horrigan shot Arris with his MA5D assault rifle, killing him.[8]

Production notes[edit]

Arris Le is portrayed in Halo: Nightfall by actor Alexis Rodney.


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