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Two Deutoros-pattern Scarab and two Shua'ee-pattern Locusts firing their focus cannons at UNSC units on the Halo Wars Skirmish map Chasm.
Shua'ee-pattern Locusts and Deutoros-pattern Scarabs firing their weapons in Halo Wars.

Focus cannons,[1] or focus beams,[2] are a classification of heavy plasma weaponry used by the Covenant and its remnants.[3]


Design details[edit]

Focus cannons are a type of energy projector similar to the capital-grade models used on Covenant starships. They can be individually tuned to allow for fine-excavation of Forerunner reliquaries or massive destruction of enemy ground forces.[3]

The exact specifics on the operation of focus cannons are vague; while classed as a large type of plasma cannon, they generally operate by firing continuous streams of plasma at their targets - usually in a yellow-green colouration as opposed to the blue-red-purple of standard plasma weapons. As a form of energy projector, they presumably utilise the same magnetic confinement and anti-gravity technology to contain the plasma streams. A similar operation can be observed in the infantry-held M'tara-pattern focus rifle - with a similar beam colouration and operating mechanism.

The plasma streams fired bear great resemblance to the assault cannons of the Mgalekgolo, though it is unknown to what degree the two technologies are related. Some focus cannons, such as those of the Protos-pattern Scarab, can be observed dripping some kind of green, glowing fluid after firing[4] - indicating that they may additionally use incendiary gel in their operation similar to the aforementioned assault cannons. Some models of focus cannon can be modified to support the injection and firing of infusion gel (itself a derivative of incendiary gel), further lending credence to this implication.[5]


  • Bloodfuel beam: a special variant of light focus cannon equipped on the Bloodfuel variant of the Locust walker used by the Banished.
  • Infused focus cannon: a specially modified focus cannon created by Voridus to fire and spread infusion gel.[5]


Ultra-heavy focus cannons
Heavy focus cannons
Light focus cannons

The "light"/"heavy" classification of focus cannon (if any) for the following weapons is unknown, meaning where they are placed in the hierarchy of focus cannon power is presently unknown.


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  1. ^ The Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) specifically notes the Banished Lich as equipped with a plasma cannon. However, the beam's depiction in-game is clearly intended to mimic the visual effect of the Lich focus beam in Halo 4, and the Scarabs in prior titles.


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