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The manual cover.

The Halo: Reach manual is a game manual included in physical copies of Halo: Reach. The manual is presented as the in-universe MIL-FBS-295937(1)B Field Manual.


Welcome to Noble Team[edit]


Subject: Reassignment

  1. I commend you for the exemplary manner in which you’ve conducted your duties while serving with ONI/SectionTHREE/Beta-5.
  2. You were chosen not only because of your initiative, discipline, and ingenuity, but also for your skill as a pilot. All of these were demonstrated admirably during your counter-insurgency operations on Mamore [13.04 - 10.05.2552].
  3. I'm glad to have NOBLE's action element back up to full strength and look forward to having you on the team.
Urban Holland
Colonel, USW
NOBLE, Commanding Officer



Image Weapons - UNSC Close Med Long Support Grenade
ReachSchematic - Magnum.png
2x zoom - AM rated[Note 1]
ReachSchematic - AR.png
MA37-Assault Rifle
Short, controlled bursts are most effective; high ROF.[Note 2]
ReachSchematic - DMR.png
M392 DMR—Designated Marksman Rifle
3x zoom. AM rated.[Note 1]
ReachSchematic - Shotgun.png
M45 TS-Shotgun
Most effective at close range; small magazine.
ReachSchematic - Sniper.png
SRS99-Sniper Rifle
5x, 10x zoom; small magazine; AM rated.[Note 1]
ReachSchematic - Rocket.png
M41SSR MAV/AW-Rocket Launcher
1.8x zoom; tracks flying targets;AOE.[Note 3]
M6 G/GNR-Spartan Laser
2.5x zoom;2.5 sec. charge up.
ReachSchematic - GL.png
M319 GL-Grenade Launcher
Hold trigger for alt. fuse: manual detonate/EMP[Note 4]; knocks out shields; temporarily disables most vehicles; projectile is bounceable; AOE.[Note 3]
HUD icon for the HMG.
M247H HMG-Machine Gun
Heavy; limited ammo.
ReachSchematic - FG.png
M9 HE/DP-Frag Grenade
Bounceable; deflected by Jackal shield; AOE.[Note 3]
HUD icon for the Target Locator.
H-165 FOM-Target Locator
2x, 4x zoom; very low ROF.[Note 2]
Image Weapons - Covenant Close Med Long Support Grenade
HUD icon for the HMG.
T25 DEP-Plasma Pistol
Hold trigger for alt. fire: overcharge; semiguided; knocks out shields; temporarily disables most vehicles; overheats; AOE.[Note 3]
HUD icon for the HMG.
T25 DER-Plasma Rifle
Very effective against shields; overheats; high ROF.[Note 2]
Plasma repeater.png
T51 DER/1-Plasma Repeater
Very effective against shields; hold X to vent waste heat (can be interrupted).
ReachSchematic - Spiker.png
T25 C-Spike Rifle
Short, controlled bursts are most effective; only issued to Brute shock troopers; high ROF.[Note 2]
ReachSchematic - Needler.png
T33 GML-Needler
Six projectiles to cause S-C[Note 5]; semi-guided; projectiles deflected by Jackal shield; high ROF.[Note 2]
ReachSchematic - NeedleRifle.png
T31 R-Needle Rifle
2x zoom; three projectiles to cause S-C[Note 5]; semi-guided; projectiles deflected by Jackal shield; AM rated.[Note 1]
HUD icon for the HMG.
T50 DER/H-Concussion Rifle
Small magazine; AOE[Note 3]
ReachSchematic - Sword.png
T1 EW/S-Energy Sword
Melee weapon.
ReachSchematic - Hammer.png
T2 EW/H-Gravity Hammer
Melee weapon; AOE.[Note 3]
ReachSchematic - FuelRodCannon.png
T33 LAAW-Fuel Rod Gun
2.5x zoom; AOE.[Note 3]
ReachSchematic - PlasmaGL.png
T52 GML/E-Plasma Launcher
2.5x zoom; very effective against shields; tracks targets; hold trigger to increase number of projectiles (max. 4); AOE.[Note 3]
T52 SAR-Focus Rifle
3.5x, 9.5x zoom; overheats.
HUD icon for the HMG.
T52 DESW-Plasma Cannon
Very effective against shields; heavy; limited ammo.
ReachSchematic - PG.png
T1 APG-Plasma Grenade
Sticks to target; deflected by Jackal shield; AOE.[Note 3]
  1. ^ a b c d Anti-materiel rated; particularly useful against delicate equipment—like brains.
  2. ^ a b c d e Rate of fire.
  3. ^ a b c d e f g h i Area of effect.
  4. ^ Electromagnetic pulse.
  5. ^ a b Super-combine: projectiles react explosively in unshielded targets.
⬤ optimal range
O effective range


Vehicle Stats
M274 ULATV-Mongoose
Unarmored vehicle used primarily by couriers.
Crew 1+1 (1 driver, 1 passenger)
M12 FAV-Warthog
Lightly armored force application vehicle; highly maneuverable, extremely versatile platform.
Crew 2+1 (1 driver, 1 gunner, 1 passenger)

Armament LRV: M41 12.7mm LAAG (vulcan machine gun); LAAV-G: M68 25mm ALIM (gauss cannon); LAAV-R: M79 65mm MLRS (rocket launcher)
M808 MBT-Scorpion
Primary armored fighting vehicle; requires support on today's high-speed battlefield.
Crew 1+1 (1 commander, 1 machine gunner)-can accommodate up to 4 riders

Armament M512 90mm SBHV (smooth bore, high velocity) cannon; M247 7.62mm MMG (medium machine gun)
Primary air-to-ground support/transport VTOL.
Crew 3 (1 pilot, 2 gunners)-can accommodate up to 3 riders

Armament UH-144A: M638 20mm auto-cannon, 2 x M460 40mm AGL; UH-144S: M638 20mm auto-cannon, 2x M247H 12.7mm HMG
Primary space-to-ground support/transport VTOL; extremely versatile platform.
Crew 3 (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 crew chief)-can accommodate up to 10 passengers and 1 vehicle
Primary planetary defense fighter for the Inner Colonies.
Crew 1+1 (1 pilot, 1 radar intercept officer)

Armament 2x M1024 ASW/AC 30mm MLA; 2x ST/Medusa missile pod
Primary A/X strike fighter; extremely versatile platform.
Crew 4 (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 navigator, 1 systems technician)

Armament 2x M9109 ASW/AC 50mm MLA; 4x ASGM-10
Vehicle Stats
T-32 RAV-Ghost
Primary reconnaissance/rapid attack vehicle; very little protection for pilot.
Crew 1 (1 pilot)
Armament 2x plasma cannons (linked)
T-48 LAGC-Revenant
Lightly armored mobile artillery; open vehicle affords very little protection to crew.
Crew 1+1 (1 pilot, 1 plasma passenger)

Armament Plasma mortar
T-26 AGC-Wraith
Primary armored fighting vehicle for ground forces; blind spot/relatively weak rear armor.
Crew 1+1 (1 pilot, 1 plasma cannon gunner

ArmamentHeavy plasma mortar; plasma cannon
T-47 UHAP-Scarab
Recent intelligence suggests this is not a fighting vehicle, but an ultra-heavy infantry unit.
Crew 1+5 (1 pilot, 5 defenders)-can accommodate 12 defenders

Armament Ultra-heavy focus cannon; ultra-heavy plasma cannon, 3x T-52 DESW
T-28 TC-Spirit
Primary troop carrier, heavy armor is virtually immune to damage.
Crew 1 (1 pilot) - can accomodate up to 30 passengers and 2 vehicles

Armament Heavy plasma cannon
T-52 TC-Phantom
Primary ground support/troop carrier; heavy armor is virtually immune to damage.
Crew 4 (1 pilot, 1 weapon officer, 2 plasma cannon gunners)-can accommodate up to 30 passengers and 2 vehicles

Armament Heavy plasma cannon, 2x T-52 DESW
T-26 GSA-Banshee
Primary ground support, lightly armored, but extremely maneuverable.
Crew 1 (1 pilot)

Armament 2x heavy plasma cannon; FRC-G
T-27 XMF-Space Banshee
Most common interceptor/escort spacecraft; unshielded, but extremely maneuverable.
Crew 1 (1 pilot)

Armament 2x heavy plasma cannon; FRC-G
T-31 XMF-Seraph
superiority fighter; heavy shields, but extremely maneuverable.
Crew 1 (1 pilot)

Armament 2x heavy plasma cannon

Armor abilities[edit]

Armor abilities

Information regarding armor abilities may also be accessed by pressing BACK while in the field.

ReachAA - Jetpack.png Jet Pack
FIELD DATA This newest model portable jump jet finally has the power to lift a Spartan in the latest-generation MJOLNIR armor.
ReachAA - Sprint.png Sprint
FIELD DATA S-320 is largely responsible for this plug. While not quite a hack, it does temporarily override the safety limiters on actuators and “muscles”—cheating the system regulators to keep the operator cool as well.
ReachAA - Hologram.png Holographic decoy
FIELD DATA This gives the operator the ability to create a virtual, holographic projection, which can be used as a decoy to draw enemy fire. The decoy has a regular lifespan of 10 seconds, but may be canceled at any time.
ReachAA - Camouflage.png Active Camouflage
FIELD DATA Renders the operator virtually invisible. Overall effectiveness is dependent on operator discipline—rapid or sudden movement tends to overtax the system.
ReachAA - Shield.png Drop Shield
FIELD DATA An evolution of the bubble shield employed by β5 Strike Teams, it creates a temporary, semi-spherical protective shield that also provides a curious restorative effect (still under investigation).
ReachAA - ArmorLock.png Armor Lock
FIELD DATA Fairly effective even in this early prototype stage, it has internal components nearly identical to the Covenant gear that spawned it. The biggest drawback is that the local gravitic effect essentially immobilizes the operator.
FIELD DATA This appears to be a dummy module or terminator plug. While it is critical for operating the Elites' armor, its precise function is unknown. Spartans are encouraged to acquire it in the field if possible.

Covenant Species[edit]


The leadership in any given group. In most cases, neutralizing Elites will cause the rest of the unit to lose cohesion.


Heavily armed and armored infantry who are always deployed in pairs, compensating for their relative lack of agility.


Aggressive and prone to shocking acts of violence, these creatures are easily provoked into foolhardy acts of bravado.


Although of the same species as Jackals and similarly deployed, Skirmishers are quicker and more agile than their smaller cousins.


Jackals employ energy shields that are considerably stronger than any other known personal shield system, thanks to their linear configuration.


Also known as "Buggers," they are essentially flying insects with guns. Where one appears, there are bound to be many more.


While lacking in intelligence and discipline, they are ferocious in large packs, but rapidly devolve into disarray when their leadership is neutralized.


These units are noncombatant support "personnel," but they still represent a significant threat and should be dealt with appropriately.

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