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Colonel Urban Holland, also known as "Noble Actual", was a human field grade officer of the UNSC Army who served during the Human-Covenant War. He was the commanding officer of Special Warfare Group Three and had operational control of NOBLE Team during the Fall of Reach.


In 2552, he evaluated the members of NOBLE Team and apparently served as Special Warfare Group Three commanding officer and had operational control of the SPARTAN unit;[2] it was his belief that NOBLE Team should be comprised of commissioned officers to give them the authority to alter operation parameters mid-mission.[3]

Fall of Reach[edit]

He was stationed on Reach during its fall and ordered NOBLE Team to investigate the comms blackout at the Visegrád Relay.[4] Noble One would soon inform him that the Visegrád Relay was taken out by a Covenant advance team.[5] He next ordered the Spartans to defend SWORD Base from Covenant attack[6] and later take out Covenant scattered throughout the area and their anti-air turrets to clear the way for the UNSC Grafton's attack on a deployment spire, designated Spire One.[7]

After the Grafton was destroyed by a Covenant supercarrier, he approved the plan for Noble Six, along with Jorge-052, to pilot a FSS-1000 Sabre for a high-risk mission dubbed Operation: UPPER CUT, which was an attempt to destroy the supercarrier. During the space battle, Holland had the UNSC Savannah assist Noble Five and Noble Six by keeping the corvette they were attempting to board busy. After Jorge and Six boarded the corvette, he ordered the Savannah to pull back. However, the Savannah was under heavy fire and had already sustained too much damage, and was subsequently destroyed.[8]

Later, Holland contacted NOBLE Team, which was now operating in New Alexandria, on an open channel. He ordered them to destroy Sword Base, which was at this point under Covenant control.[9] He received an update on their situation from Carter-A259 as the team approached Sword Base in Eposz. After arriving, however, NOBLE Team came under the command of the Office of Naval Intelligence and their mission parameters were shifted; all Catherine Halsey had to say about the changes was that Colonel Holland would be briefed.[10]


  • Holland was voiced by Pat Duke.[11]
  • Despite being a fairly major character in Halo: Reach, Holland does not have a character model for in-game or cinematic use. His appearances include a small profile image on monitors during Noble Actual and Long Night of Solace, radio transmissions throughout the game, and a few documents within Catherine Halsey's journal.
  • Holland serves as the SPARTANs' objective announcer in Invasion and Firefight.


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