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Ship history
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Paris-class heavy frigate[1]




UNSC Navy[1]


SinoViet Heavy Machinery[2]


Destroyed by Ardent Prayer during Operation: UPPER CUT[3][1]


Kristòf Jen[1]

General characteristics




535 meters (1,755 ft)[2][4][1][5][6]


199 meters (652 ft)[4][1][5]


1.3 million tonnes[2]

Power plant:

Fusion reactor[7]

Maneuver drive:

Fusion drive (2 primary, 6 secondary)

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine[3]



60cm[7] Titanium-A armor[1][5]


Air facilities:

One primary hangar bay located in the lower mast of the ship[1]


"UNSC Savannah. Our wings may be clipped, but we've got your back."
— Savannah Actual to SPARTAN-B312

UNSC Savannah (hull classification symbol FFG-371),[1] was a Paris-class heavy frigate in service with the UNSC Navy during the Human-Covenant War. It was captained by Kristòf Jen.[1] The Savannah participated in the Fall of Reach in summer 2552, where it aided in the defense of Anchor 9 during Operation: UPPER CUT, later being escorted by multiple D77-TC Pelican dropships and FSS-1000 Sabre fighters to board a Covenant Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette.[3]

Service history[edit]

The Savannah was assigned to the planet Reach, and likely the Epsilon Eridani Fleet itself, in the summer of 2542.[2]

Fall of Reach[edit]

Main article: Fall of Reach

By 2552, the Savannah was a part of the Epsilon Eridani Fleet.[1] It was heavily involved in the defense of Reach during the early parts of the invasion of the world.[2]

The Savannah took part in Operation: UPPER CUT, docking at the Anchor 9 space station for the removal of its Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine for use as a makeshift bomb to destroy the Sh'wada-pattern supercarrier Long Night of Solace. Escorting a squadron of FSS-1000 Sabre fighters en route to a Covenant corvette, Ardent Prayer. The Savannah provided fire support, engaging the corvette and its accompanying fighter escort while SPARTAN-B312 and Jorge-052 boarded the ship. While the two Spartans and accompanying Marine support fought to secure the ship's hangar bay, the Savannah continued to exchange fire with the Ardent Prayer, at full broadside, which easily outgunned the smaller UNSC warship. Savannah was ordered to disengage by Colonel Urban Holland, but before the frigate could escape she succumbed to the corvette's barrage and was lost, presumably with all hands.[3]


  • According to Random Dialogue in Halo: Reach, an unnamed UNSC Army Trooper's niece was born aboard the Savannah.


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