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M870 Rampart point defense gun

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M870 Rampart point defense gun
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Production overview


Point defense gun


Ammunition type:

  • 50mm sub-caliber armor-piercing sabots[1]
  • 50mm proximity detonation fragmentation shells[1]

Rate of fire:


Effective range:


Service history

In service:


The M870 Rampart point defense gun is a weapon system utilized by warships of the UNSC Navy, typically as part of a ship-wide defensive network.[2]. Each M870 "gun",[3] or "Rampart",[1] is a fully-automated hull-based turret emplacement,[4] typically consisting of a battery of twin-[5] or quad-mounted 50mm[2] rapid-fire coilguns and a targeting scanner.[1] Point defense guns such as these are used for the engagement of incoming threats, including the warding off of strikecraft and the disruption of Plasma torpedoes;[4] each emplacement actively switches between sub-caliber armor-piercing sabots or proximity detonation fragmentation shells based on a threat-analysis of its current target in order to maximise effectiveness.[1]

M870s are most commonly mounted on UNSC frigates, including Charon-class light frigates[3], Stalwart-class light frigates[6] and Strident-class heavy frigates.[1] However, they are also utilised on Gladius-class heavy corvettes,[4] Halberd-class destroyers,[7] and even Epoch-class heavy carriers,[8] making them a relatively common fixture across the entirety of the UNSC fleet.


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