M870 Rampart point defense gun

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M870 Rampart point defense gun
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Production overview


Point defense gun


Ammunition type:

  • 50mm sub-caliber armor-piercing sabots[1]
  • 50mm proximity detonation fragmentation shells[1]

Rate of fire:


Effective range:


Service history

In service:


The M870 Rampart point defense gun is a weapon system utilized by warships of human make, most commonly those of the UNSC Navy. They function as part of a ship-wide defensive network.[2]


As is standard for human point-defense guns, the M870 Rampart turret is fully automated due to the inability of humans to calculate firing solutions fast enough for the role of the weapon,[3] and consists of of twin-[4] or quad-mounted 50mm[2] rapid-fire coilguns and a targeting scanner.[1] Point defense guns such as these are used for the engagement of incoming threats, including the warding off of strikecraft and the disruption of plasma torpedoes;[3] each emplacement actively switches between sub-caliber armor-piercing sabots or proximity detonation fragmentation shells based on a threat-analysis of its current target in order to maximise effectiveness.[1]


M870s are most commonly mounted on lighter vessels of the UNSC Navy and CMA Navy, particularly corvettes and frigates. They also see some use on destroyers and carriers, with no known usage on cruisers and supercarriers. They are primarily employed on the warships constructed between the late-24th century and early 26th century, with their earliest known usage being on the Mako-class corvette, launched in 2388.[5] They seem to have been mostly succeeded aboard larger and more modern ships by the M910 Rampart model, which began to see service aboard the Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser in 2493[6]

Despite this, the M870 did see constant usage as a common fixture in the Human-Covenant War of the early-mid 26th century, and a handful of post-war era vessels have made use of it.



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