Mark 2547 heavy railgun

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Mark 2547/35cm heavy railgun
H4 Mammoth Render 2.jpg
A Mark 2547/35cm HRG mounted atop the back of an M510 Mammoth.
Production overview


Heavy railgun[1]


Ammunition type:

350 millimetres (14 in) slugs[2][1][3]

Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The Mark 2547/35 cm heavy railgun (HRG)[4] is a vehicle-mounted railgun in the service of the United Nations Space Command, affectionately referred to by UNSC personnel as a "mini"-Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.[5] The Mark 2547 is most commonly found mounted atop the the M510 Mammoth siegeworks vehicle.[1][3]


Design details[edit]

The Mark 2547 is a large heavy railgun, and presumably a predecessor to the sequentially-numbered Mark 2555 heavy railgun. It fires a 35 cm projectile and is considered "exceptionally powerful" - capable of destroying even Forerunner structures such as particle cannons. It can be used to target both ground and air targets, and can be used in conjunction with a laser designator to coordinate attacks.[6]

Operational history[edit]

Given the weapon's designation of Mark 2547, the weapon presumably entered service around the year of 2547. It continued to see service into the post-war era as the primary armament of the M510 Mammoth vehicle, with several in service among the Mammoth fleet of UNSC Infinity.[7] In July 2557, one such weapon was used by Infinity ground forces during the Battle of Requiem. The artillery was used in conjunction with a H-295 target designator operation by John-117 to eliminate several Z-8060 particle cannons.[6]


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