KG Mark 34 flame mortar

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KG Mark 34 flame mortar
M5 Talos base turret with KG Mark 34 flame mortar upgrade from Halo Wars.
Production overview


Incendiary mortar weapon

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The KG Mk 34 Antipersonnel Flame Mortar Launcher is a turret-mounted incendiary mortar weapon in the service of the United Nations Space Command. They serve as an optional mounting on the M5 Talos prefabricated base turret system, intended for use as an anti-infantry defence to bolster the turret's standard M202 XP machine guns.[1] In operation, the KG Mk.34 fires a small incendiary charge into the air in a parabolic arc—lighting into flame on contact with a surface and causing a small amount of splash damage.[2]


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