M92 Principle Gauss Cannon

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M92 Principle Gauss Cannon
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The M92 Principle Gauss Cannon is a Gauss weapon employed as an integral component on the OF92 Booster Frame.[1][2][3]


Design details[edit]

The M92 is a long-barrelled coilgun that forms the primary integral component of the OF92 Booster Frame, running the entire length of the craft and forming the basic structural core of the OF92 To fire, the M92 has a lengthy charging process, meaning that the weapon cannot be fired often while the Booster Frame is in flight - though when fires is capable of breaching even the Nanolaminate armour plating of a Covenant starship.[4]


The M92 was developed in the Human-Covenant War for use on the OF92 Booster Frame, and saw use in Operation: WARM BLANKET.[4] They continued to see service in the Post-Covenant War conflicts.[5]


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