M655 machine gun

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M655 machine gun
The Mantis' primary machinegun.
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Rotary machine gun


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Post-Covenant War conflicts


The M655 Heavy Machine Gun/Anti-Matériel is a 20mm heavy machine gun used by the UNSC.[1][2][4]


Design details[edit]

The M655 machine gun is a rotary autocannon employed by UNSC forces. The weapon boasts four barrels fed by two 20mm ammunition belts.[3][1][2] When firing, the weapon takes a few seconds to "spool up", with the fire rate increasing rapidly over the course of a few seconds.[3]


Some variants of the Mark IX Mantis powered exoskeleton are armed with an M655 as well as an M5920 missile launcher.[1][2] Specially-upgraded Mantis variants employed by the Office of Naval Intelligence security forces employ an M655 upgraded with improved heat sink shrouds, allowing the weapon to fire for longer before overheating.[5] Mantises modified by Isabel for use by UNSC Spirit of Fire forces in the Second Ark Conflict saw the M655's lower housing removed and replaced with a large drum magazine.[6]


In Halo 4, the M655's barrels do not spin when the weapon is fired.


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