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ONI Security trooper in black armor.

ONI Security is the security force of the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1]


ONI Security is comprised mainly of recruited Army and Marine candidates. Their alignment is under the UNSC Navy, and jurisdictionally under the Naval Special Warfare group, which allows them some autonomy under ONI's management.

ONI security personnel equipped with Air Assault armor were deployed to prevent the Covenant from gaining control of military-oriented skyhook defense complexes above Earth and Luna during the Battle of Earth in late 2552.[2]

ONI security are also tasked with escorting key ONI personnel in hostile zones. Rear Admiral Serin Osman was accompanied by four ONI security officers as she met with Veta Lopis and her Ferret Team following an attack by Dark Moon Enterprises operatives led by Ota Gallo in the UNSC Recreational Facility 6055-NA-A on October 14, 2553.[3]

The detachment on Ivanoff Station was used primarily for science team protection on Gamma Halo, in the rare case of emergency or attack. When the Ur-Didact attacked the station, ONI security engaged the Covenant forces attacking the station. The entire detachment was killed either by the Covenant or composed by the Ur-Didact.[1]


ONI security is generally equipped with a black Marine BDU, with some additions. The pauldrons are reinforced for heavy combat. The armor is made with a specialized composite engineered by ONI. Some are also equipped with rebreathers.[1]

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