Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group

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The Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group (XEG) is a division of the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence that specializes in the recovery and reverse-engineering of technology from the Covenant and the Forerunners.[1] In 2553, the 717th Battalion of the Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group was posted to the human Outer Colony of Gao to capture Forerunner archeon-class ancilla Intrepid Eye.[2] The battalion succeeded, though they lost half of their forces.[3] In 2555, Henry Lamb of the Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group was attached to Installation 07 to aid in an ONI research project on the ring.[1] Fathom Station on Beta Gabriel was manned by Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group personnel, tasked with searching for Covenant weapon plans aboard the remains of Covenant carrier Splendid Intention.[4]

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