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The Midnight Facility is an immense detention center used by the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1]



Hidden within an asteroid belt, Midnight Facility is situated inside an asteroid and is said to have enough firepower to destroy an entire Covenant fleet. Unlike conventional prisons, the purpose of Midnight Facility is to make high asset prisoners "disappear". Midnight is well guarded and monitored by an artificial intelligence construct. The facility is equipped with numerous detainment cells, referred to as Cubes, capable of releasing sedative gas to knockout irate prisoners.[1]


In March 2553, Admiral Margaret Parangosky sentenced Doctor Irena Magnusson to this facility after she allowed Jul 'Mdama to escape from ONI Research Facility Trevelyan.[2] In December 2557, after a terrorist attack on Earth, Gek 'Lhar was detained and interrogated at Midnight Facility. Two months later, in February 2558, 'Lhar managed to escape. His escape resulted in several fatalities among Midnight's personnel and a heightened threat condition at the facility.[3] Following his failed attack on the UNSC Infinity in March 2558, Captain Daniel Clayton was captured and sentenced to Midnight.[4] Benjamin Giraud was detained in Midnight after being captured and he is currently in Cube B-349. Some time after his capture, FERO visited him in his Cube. Giraud was glad to see her but soon learned she actually worked for ONI.[1]

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