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ONI Section Two

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ONI Section Two is a subdivision of the Office of Naval Intelligence.


Human-Covenant war[edit]

In 2526, Section Two warned General Daniel Black of the Covenant Empire. As such, this led to the bolstered defenses of Corbulo Academy of Military Science.[1] As well, Section Two had sent emissaries to warn Outer Colony leaders about the Covenant and deliver an offer: end hostilities and receive UNSC protection. While they initially laughed at the offer, footage of the Battle of Bliss helped sway them.[2]

During the Human-Covenant war, Section Two was responsible for releasing details of the SPARTAN-II program to the public to boost morale throughout the UNSC.[3] Once information about the Spartans was released to the public, Section II had to maintain the Spartans' near-mythical. So they devised ONI Directive 930 to assist that. This directive made it so that no SPARTAN killed in action, would be listed as such. It was believed that news of Spartan deaths would cripple the UNSC's already-flagging morale.[4] Section Two additionally pushed propaganda to the Inner Colonies maintaining the human forces were winning in the war against the Covenant. By late 2552, many Inner Colonial residents had no idea of how close the alien threat was.[5]

In 2550, an impact crater was discovered near Visegrád on Reach. Section Two stated that a precolonization meteor had impacted there and was of metallurgical and astrophysical significance. This was likely done to help explain the archeological survey done by Professor Laszlo Sorvad.[6]

Following the Battle of Installation 05 and the beginning of the Great Schism,[7] Section Two began a public awareness campaign on the SPARTANs and their role in colonial security.[8] This campaign included information about Master Chief and some of his actions near the end of the war,[7][9][10] as well as the actions of the UNSC Army's NOBLE Team at the Fall of Reach.[8]


Following the war, Section Two had hired Benjamin Giraud to interview several people for a campaign surrounding John-117. They had offered him 120,000 cR and expected it done in about five weeks.[11] However, it back fired significantly, and ended with the arrest of Giraud.[12]


Section Two was primarily surrounded around external communications and public morale.[13] In terms of the public, it handled communication between colonies to reduce the spread of rumors and information that would damage morale[14] and monitored and changed imagery that came from the battlefields of the Human-Covenant war.[15] Section Two's role wasn't exclusive to the public either. If there was sensitive information that few in the UNSCDF knew, Section Two could issue blackout orders to prevent its spread.[16]




Civilian Contractors[edit]