Laszlo Sorvad

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Laszlo Sorvad
Sorvad by Halsey.jpg
Biographical information


Late 2400s[1]


July 23, 2552



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Political and military information


UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence



"Jorge: Friend of yours?"
"Sára: Father."
"Jorge: Sajnálom. I'm sorry.
"Sára: Why would you be?"
— Conversation between Jorge-052 and Sára Sorvad when asked about Laszlo

Professor Laszlo Sorvad was a civilian xenoarchaeologist working for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Dr. Catherine Halsey described his expertise as "invaluable" and noted that his intuitions were far superior to hers.[2]


Sorvad was recruited by the ONI after he had collected cursory evidence of large-scale structures from early satellite surveys of colony worlds, and anomalous slipstream space signals - evidence of artificial engineering in the past. According to Dr. Halsey, Sorvad wanted to join because he sensed the importance of the discoveries, with the only condition that his family be relocated with him.[2]

After a meteorite impact crater of significant xenoarchaeological value was discovered near Visegrad on Reach in 2550, Sorvad led the research on the artifacts contained within the meteorite. During this time, he was stationed at the Visegrad Relay, having been moved from Farragut Station.[2] He was killed on July 23, 2552 when a Sangheili Zealot strike team attacked the facility.[3] According to Dr. Catherine Halsey, Sorvad had reported immediately before he was killed that he had made a "latchkey discovery", something that would change the tide of the Human-Covenant War and a term that Sorvad would not use lightly.[1]

Sorvad had one daughter, Sára, who was recovered by NOBLE Team.


When his body was found, he was wearing a portable computer, somewhat similar to a TACPAD, on his left arm.


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