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A UNSC military portable computer.

A portable computer is a personal computer that can easily be transported from one location to another, similar to a modern day laptop computer. Humanity has multiple types of portable computers:

  • Data pad - A PDA-like device commonly used by members of the UNSC.
  • TACPAD - A military PDA device similar to the data pad.
  • COM pad - The civilian equivalent, modeled more on a mobile phone.
  • Chatter - A mobile device worn on the wrist.
  • Data module - A mobile device utilized by Kig-Yar.


  • During her quest to Onyx in 2552, Dr. Halsey used a laptop to store a "micro" AI named Jerrod.[1]
  • In Halo 3, specifically the level Crow's Nest, players can break every computer except three. One by the medic in the Ops Center, and two in the observatory in the hangar.


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