ONI Archive – Reclaiming Our Place - Halo 4

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ONI Archive – Reclaiming Our Place | Halo 4 is a Halo fiction video part of the ONI Archive video series that goes over the UNSC actions on the battles on Installation 00 and Installation 08, the post-war era, and the start of the Battle of Requiem.


The video takes the form of File:CHELAN_20201117, a file part of Director Schaefer's "content series" in ONI Section 2's public awareness campaign regarding the UNSC's role in colonial security. Aimed at educating UEG citizens on the history, evolution, and application of the Spartan Program.[1]


Scenes from Halo 3, Halo 4, The Commissioning, Scanned and Spartan Ops play during the narration.


  • The filename is a reference to Halo 4's launch on the PC and Steam version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the number "20201117" referring to the game's launch date of November 17, 2020. The CHELAN part of the name refers to the Chelan app that requests permission when the player logs into Xbox Live through Steam. The number below LINK "20121106" is a reference to the original Halo 4 release on October 6, 2012.