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Noble Endeavors

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Noble Endeavors is a Halo fiction video part of the ONI Archive video series that goes over the Battle of Fumirole that NOBLE Team took part in.[1]


The video takes the form of File:CHELAN_201903012, a file part of Director Schaefer's "content series" in ONI Section 2's public awareness campaign regarding the UNSC's role in colonial security. The series is aimed at educating UEG citizens on the history, evolution, and application of the Spartan Program.[1]


ONI Screen activates, showing the file name "FILE:CHELAN_201903012, and a wave form of a "Comms Officer".

  • Comms Officer: "Pursuant to ONI Section 2s public awareness campaign regarding the UNSC's role in colonial security. Director Schaefers has ordered a new content series aimed at educating UEG citizens on the history, evolution, and application of the Spartan program. For all we've endured over the past few decades the Covenant War was only the beginning of our foray into meeting the rest of our neighbors in this Galaxy. I suppose it's been, *(short pause)* character building if nothing else. With any luck the next generation of heroes will be "inspired by those who have tread this path before."

Scenes from Halo: Reach, Halo Wars, and Deliver Hope play through the remainder of the short.

  • Comms Officer: "The heroic defense of Reach is replete with stories of sacrifice and valor. Stories that form the foundation of humanity's defiance in the face of impossible adversity. Central to the efforts were the Spartans of Noble Team, a battle-hardened squad of Spartan super-soldiers whose desperate efforts at Reach eventually helped turn the tide of the entire Covenant war. But for Noble the conflict on Reach was far from their first encounter with the alien empire…"
  • Comms Officer: "On April 22nd 2552, Noble Team was deployed to the colony Fumirole to help repel yet another enemy invasion. In a daring attempt to cripple the Covenant advances onto the colony, Spartan Kat devised a plan to deliver a Fury-class tactical nuclear device on beard the cruiser "Sanctity of Purification". Against grim and relentless opposition, Noble continued to push through Covenant forces and seemed primed to deliver on their mission objective. As Kat began to make a final valiant drive towards the cruisers gravity lift, a well-placed fuel rod salvo from an enemy Banshee left her badly wounded and unable to continue."
  • Comms Officer: "But the strength of Noble Team was never just with one individual member, each was trained to be ready at a moment's notice to back up a fallen comrade and ensure a mission's completion, no matter the cost. Ensuring that Kat's efforts would not be in vain her squad mate Thom descended into the belly of the beast to hand deliver a crushing blow to the local Covenant contingent but paid the ultimate price in the process. The battle at Fumirole served as yet another stark reminder, that even in victory: War always demanded sacrifice."
  • Comms Officer: "Just a few months later Spartans Carter, Kat, Jun, Emile and Jorge welcomed a new member into the squad and prepared to face their toughest challenge yet. Armed with even greater resolve and a new Noble Six, the squad arrived at Reach in July of 2552 to defend one of the UNSC's last remaining strongholds, and resolved once more to give whatever was necessary to save the human race."


The filename is a reference to Halo: Reach's launch in Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the number "201903012" referring to the game's launch date of December 3, 2019. The CHELAN part of the name refers to the Chelan app that requests permission when the player logs into Xbox LIVE through Steam.