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Battle The Heretics

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Battle The Heretics is a video promoting the release of Series 7: Elite in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It was released on Twitter and YouTube on June 16, 2021.[1][2]

The video features the Season 7 menu background animation and transmissions between a Spartan pilot and a Sangheili pilot during a training session at ANVIL Station. The Halo Legends arrangement of the soundtrack Rue and Woe (from High Charity Suite in Halo 2: Original Soundtrack), which was omitted from the official soundtrack, plays throughout the video.


Various shots of a Type-26A Banshee play.

  • Spartan pilot (Union Wing 3): "Anvil Station, this is Union Wing 3 and 4. Our Banshees are clear of the bay and heading to patrol loop three, permission to proceed?"
  • Anvil ATC: "ANVIL copies Union Wing, permission granted. Target drones en route to your location in five."
  • Spartan pilot (Union Wing 3): "Copy, moving to intercept. Wing 4, the lead is all yours, I'll follow."
  • Elite pilot (Union Wing 4): "Affirmative, Spartan. Engage at marker nine."
  • Spartan pilot (Union Wing 3): "Targets down. Three more - on you."
  • Elite pilot (Union Wing 4): "Engaging. Targets eliminated."
  • Spartan pilot (Union Wing 3): "Nice shot! Think this type of thing will ever actually catch on?"
  • Elite pilot (Union Wing 4): "The divisions among my people run deep. It is... difficult to imagine them cooperating with humans when they can scarcely work with one another."
  • Spartan pilot (Union Wing 3): "Well if it makes you feel any better, humans have been perfecting the art of fighting against each other for like, centuries."
  • Elite pilot (Union Wing 4): "Hmph. It does not."
  • Spartan pilot (Union Wing 3): "Still, I'll take an ally wherever I can find one."
  • Elite pilot (Union Wing 4): "Indeed."
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